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They are different elements but they are similar in that they are both metals.

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They are similar.

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Q: Are copper and silver similar or different?
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Would you expect the outer shells of copper silver and gold to be similar or different?

similar, they comprise a family

Is the outer shell of copper gold and silver similar or different?

Similar it that they have 10d (full d) electrones + 1s electrone

How are gold copper and silver similar?

They are all minerals.

Which metal is most similar to copper and why?

Copper is a metallic element. There is no equivalent. Silver has similar (but slightly higher) conductivity. There ar evarious alloys of copper that are similar but not the same.

How are the element copper and the element silver different?

The elements Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag) may be in the same group, but they are completely different elements. This means they have a different amount of electrons. Copper has 29 electrons, wheras Silver has 47.

How are copper and silver different?

Different color, hardness and scarcity. Both tarnish when exposed to oxygen, but silver oxide conducts electricity well, copper oxide does not.

What elements are simliar to gold?

The elements platinum, silver, and copper are similar to gold.

What are the 3 different forms of material?

copper, silver, iron

Are Cu and Ag similar?

Copper and silver are in the same group (11 or copper group) and of course have some similarities.

Silver copper carbon and hydrogen are examples of different kinds of?


Is nobility plate solid silver?

No, it has a thin plate of silver on a metal like copper or similar. As a general rule, if it includes the word "Plate"; It's not solid silver.

What is Silver Nitrate plus copper?

As copper is more reactive than silver copper will displace silver and will become copper nitrate and silver is left by its own from the reaction