Are covalent soluble

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Some covalent compiunds are soluble in polar solvents, many are only soluble in non-polar . Solubility depends on the nature of the compound AND the nature of the solvent!

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Q: Are covalent soluble
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Are covalent compounds soluble in hexane?

It depends on the compound. nonpolar covalent compounds will generally be soluble whie polar covalent compounds will not be.

Are covalent bond soluble?

The bonds between oxygen and hydrogen are covalent. Water is soluble. So the answer is YES - sometimes. It is not strictly the bonds that are soluble though.

Are covalent bonds more soluble than ionic bonds?

ionic compounds are more soluble than covalent.

Is covalent bonding soluble in water?

Covalent bonds do not usually come apart in water.

Why alcohols and amines are water soluble although covalent compounds are least soluble in water?

alchohols and amines are water soluble due to H-bonding with water .they are poler covalent compound there fore they are soleble in water.

Are covalent compounds soluble in nonpolar solvents?

YES They are

What are the effects of covalent and ionic substances?

well ionic substances are solid at room temperature,they are generally soluble in water ,they have high melting and boiling points,while covalent substances are generally liquid and gases at room temperature,non-polar covalent substances are generally insoluble in water while polar covalent are generally soluble in water

Why are covalent compounds soluble in water?

The polar covalent compounds are easily soluble in water as HCl, HNO3, H2SO4, Glucose and most of the sugars, Sugar has many polar covalent bonds, in the C-O-H groups, and the molecules of sugar fit easily into the hydrogen bonded microstructure of liquid water.

Are covalent bonds soluble in water or ethonal?

Chemical Bonds Like To Tarmack there Mothers

What do you mean by polarity in the covalent bonds?

polarity means how much quantity soluble in water

What is the difference between ionic and covalent?

Covalent compounds are more flammable when compared to ionic compounds.Ionic compounds are more soluble in water than covalent compounds.for more go to: difference between . net

What can you tell about methane (CH4) from its molecular formula?

It is a saturated hydrocarbon. It is a covalent compound and has all properties which are identical to simple covalent compounds. Low boiling and melting points, soluble in organic solvents (most simple covalent compounds are soluble in organic solvent), insoluble in water and does not conduct electricity as in does not have free ions.Its tetrahedral geometry makes it non-polar.It contains four hydrogen atoms