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Yes !

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Q: Are cramps usual for your first month of pregnancy?
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What is breach IN PREGNANCY?

when the baby comes out feet or bum first and not head first as is usual

What does vaginal pain during 9th month of pregnancy mean?

if it is your 1st pregnancy, then it is usual (if it is not your first baby and you didn't get pains that is fine, every one is different) If it is your second baby it would be smart to get it checked out by your doctor. Doctor.

What are the first few signs you've started your period?

Cramps, bloating, mood swings, and the usual sight of blood

What would it indicate if you have symptoms such as sore breasts and more discharge than usual and sharp painful cramps?

This is possibly a indication of pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test. It may also be a indication of a approaching period and sometimes even ovulation.

Can you be Pregnant if you have the pregnancy Symptoms ex Nausious Cravings and hungry more than usual Back hurts tired more cramps everyday and missed 2 periods and then had period the 3rd month?

Sounds to me like you've just had a miscarriage. Why didn't you get a pregnant test done dear?

Can an ectopic pregnancy be diagnosed by CT scan?

It is not the usual choice. An ultrasound would be the first choice.

Is there bleeding and pain during first month of pregnancy?

Some mild spotting, and sometimes it can feel like a period that never arrives, but increase in bleeding and pain is not usual and should be checked by a health professional.

When should doctor visits start for pregnancy?

The usual first visit is about 8 weeks after you have missed your period.

How soon can you detect pregnancy. It has only been 4 days but i keep getting slight cramps and keep having to urine far more often then usual. Are there any signs i can look for?

Tender breasts, nausea you should do a urine home pregnancy test as soon as possible.

I am on the pill and last month my period was two days late and lighter than usual i continued with my new pill pack but I'm now having pregnancy symptoms a month later could i be pregnant?


How do you say month in Latin?

The usual word for 'month' in Latin is [mensis].

Is cramping usual in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Cramping in the first trimester is to be expected because your uterus is just beginning to expand, particulary toward the end.

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