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they are reptiles, reptiles can survive both water and land.

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Q: Are crocodiles considered a land animal or water animal or both water and land animals?
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How do crocodiles cach there prey?

They sneak up on animals while they are drinking and then leap out of the water and drown the animal.

What is the name of an animal that lives in water and land both and eats the flesh of other animals?

Crocodilians (crocodiles, alligators, gharials, etc) and frogs are the two animals that live in both water and on land.

Is an aquarium used for showing water animals?

Mainly it does show water animals. Sometimes they do show other animals. e.g. Crocodiles.

Which animals live in sea water?

Fish, sharks, crocodiles, coral many marine animals.

Is there a name for animals that live in water and on land that such as seal and crocodiles?

Is amphibious

Do fresh water crocodiles get attacked by other animals?

Yes, humans

Fastest fresh water animal?

Crocodiles are the fastest fresh water animal in terms of hunting its prey. Despite of their huge size, Crocodiles are capable of swimming 3 times faster compared to an Olympic swimmer.

When do salt water crocodiles eat?

Most animals only eat when they are hungry

What animals usually live by water?

otters seals and hippos crocodiles and alligators

What animals eat the water bufalo?

Tigers, crocodiles, lions, a pack of wolves and humans.

Crocodiles get water by?

crocodiles get water by there mouth

Contributions made by Steve Irwin?

Steve Irwin was a famous animal enthusiast who had his own show about animals in the wild. He is most famous for his work with animals like crocodiles and other large water animals.