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The words depart and remain are antonyms. They have opposite meaning. If you depart, you did not remain. If you remain, you did not depart.

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Q: Are depart and remain antonyms or synonyms?
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What is an antonym of depart?

Antonyms for depart are: arrive, come in, enter, remain, and stay.

Are rage and reason synonyms or antonyms?

They can be antonyms (opposite meanings), not synonyms.

What are some antonyms for reside?

Some antonyms for "reside" are depart, vacate, migrate, and move out.

What is the deffirent between antonyms and synonyms?

Antonyms: opposite. Synonyms: similar.

What are the synonyms and antonyms of mobile?

Synonyms: moving Antonyms: Fixed, Stationary

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there is no synonyms or antonyms for convection current

What is the website for synonyms and antonyms?

go on 4 synonyms & antonyms

Is hiking and walking a antonyms or a synonyms?

Synonyms. Synonyms are words the same in meaning and antonyms are opposites

Are climb and ascend synonyms or antonyms?

They are synonyms. Synonyms have similar meanings, antonyms have opposing meanings.

Is guess and estimate antonyms or synonyms?

they are closer to synonyms than antonyms, although they are not direct synonyms.

What are some antonyms for varying?

Some antonyms for varying are "continue", "hold", "keep", "persist", "remain" and "stay". One should not mistake synonyms and antonyms because they are the complete opposite of each other.

What kind of words are flammable and inflammable synonyms or antonyms?

Antonyms. Antonyms = Opposites Synonyms = Same Meaning