Are dimes magnetic

Updated: 10/26/2022
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If you mean, are dimes attracted to a magnet, the answers are No for US dimes and Yes for Canadian dimes.

American dimes are made of copper and a small amount of nickel. While the metal nickel is in fact attracted to a magnet there's not enough (only about 8.3%) in an American dime to show any attraction.

Canadian dimes were made of pure nickel up till the end of the 1990s, and have been made of steel since then. Both of these metals are strongly attracted to a magnet.

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Q: Are dimes magnetic
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Are mercury dimes magnetic?

No, nor are any U.S. dimes. Mercury dimes are made of silver and copper, neither of which are magnetic.

How can you make a dime magnetic?

You can't. Dimes are made of copper and silver, neither of which can be magnetized.

Are there any dimes that are magnetic without copper from 1998?

No. US dimes have never been made from a magnetic metal - only from silver/copper alloy up to 1964, and copper-nickel clad after that.However, Canadian dimes have been struck in either nickel or steel since mid-1968 and those metals ARE attracted to a magnet.

How many dimes are there in a roll of dimes?

A roll of dimes is 50 dimes or $5.00

How many dimes and nickels makes 2.95?

29 dimes and one nickel or 28 dimes and 3 nickels or 27 dimes and 5 nickels or 26 dimes and 7 nickels or 25 dimes and 9 nickels or 24 dimes and 11 nickels or 23 dimes and 13 nickels or 22 dimes and 15 nickels or 21 dimes and 17 nickels or 20 dimes and 19 nickels or 19 dimes and 21 nickels or 18 dimes and 23 nickels or 17 dimes and 25 nickels or 16 dimes and 27 nickels or 15 dimes and 29 nickels or 14 dimes and 31 nickels or 13 dimes and 33 nickels or 12 dimes and 35 nickels or 11 dimes and 37 nickels or 10 dimes and 39 nickels or 9 dimes and 41 nickels or 8 dimes and 43 nickels or 7 dimes and 45 nickels or 6 dimes and 47 nickels or 5 dimes and 49 nickels or 4 dimes and 51 nickels or 3 dimes and 53 nickels or 2 dimes and 55 nickels or one dime and 57 nickels

How many dimes in 13500.?

There are 13500 dimes in 13500 dimes!

What is between 8 dimes and 9 dimes?

8 and a half dimes.

How much money is 290 in dimes?

200 dimes = $20.00 90 dimes = $9.00 (Answer) 290 dimes= $29.00

How many ways can a 10 bill be changed into dimes or quarters or a combination of dimes and quarters?

40 quarters5 dimes, 38 quarters10 dimes, 36 quarters15 dimes, 34 quarters20 dimes, 32 quarters...90 dimes, 4 quarters95 dimes, 2 quarters100 dimesThat's 21 ways.

How many dimes make 1000.00?

ten dimes make 1.00 so you need 10,000 dimes

How many quarters have the same value as 85 dimes Use the equality 4 quarters equals 10 dimes?

4 quarters=10 dimes x quarters=85 dimes quarter=10/4 dimes x (10/4 dimes) = 85 dimes x= 85 dimes/(10/4 dimes) x=34 Answer: 34 quarters

What year are Canadian dimes silver?

Any Canadian dime dated 1967 or earlier is silver. Then some in 1968 were 50% silver, others were pure nickel. The nickel ones are magnetic.