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No they are not, lord jesus! Stop hating -_-

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Q: Are dimples birth defect
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Are dimples a birth defect?

Yes dimples are a birth defect (coming from a person with dimples.)

What is the birth name of Dimples Cooper?

Dimples Cooper's birth name is Isabel Rosario Cooper.

What are the causes behind someone being born with dimples?

Dimples are mostly located on the cheeks. They are common genetic trait. Most are caused by a birth defect, which just goes to show that not all "malformations" are actually bad. In fact, in many cultures, dimpled cheeks are considered attractive.

Are dimples from a mutation on the chromosomes?

dimples are a "birth defect" means that your muscles are too short thus pulling the skin causing this little holes, why do you think most babies have them? cause their muscles developed and they have a lot of baby fat same goes to people with a little extra fat

Will humphrey pill cause birth defect?

Yes, it will cause birth defect.

When is the birth defect detected before birth after birth?

Both. it depends what defect you are talking about. Please be more specific.

How do you get dimples without surgery?

Well, other than the painful, surgical option, you could simply get your cheeks, or non existent dimples pierced. If you leave them in long enough, it will create permanent dimples. It is a less painful and less cheaper way that cosmetic surgery. Although, dimples are a natural born defect.

Is adhd a birth defect?


What is the percentage of babies with a defect?

only 2 out of 10 children have a birth defect

A birth defect is also known as a?

The term you are probably looking for is "congenital defect."

What is a congenital defect?

Exists from birth.

Does Kanye West have a birth defect?


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