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No. Under the north pole is seafloor. Dinosaurs were land-dwellers

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Q: Are dinosaur fossils ever found on the north pole?
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How do scientist know Utahraptor ever lived?

they do not because they never studied them like they did other dinosours.

Have dinosaur fossils ever been found in Antarctica?

The first dinosaur to be discovered in Antarctica was the Antarctopelta oliveroi, an ankylosaurian dinosaur. However, it was the second one to be named. The first dinosaur to be named was the Cryolophosaurus ellioti, a species of theropod dinosaur that had a crest.

What was the first ever dinosaur?

That depends on what you mean. The first Dinosaur discovered by scientists and named was Megalosaurus. But many believe that ancient civilizations based myths of dragons, griffens, sea serpents, Gods, etc, on Dinosaur fossils. The first Dinosaur to appear, as in the oldest Dinosaur, was Herrarasaurus. But older Dinosaur fossils may be found, so we can never be certain.

What archeological find was unearthed north platte in 1922?

largest dinosaur fossil ever found

What archeological find was unearthed near North Platte in 1922?

largest dinosaur fossil ever found

Was there ever any dinosaur fossils in Death Valley?

Yes there is well I think

Have dinosaur fossils ever been found in Sri Lanka?

yaeh Sri Lanka s a exotic country with many animals. Sri lanak is the best counry ever.

What dinosaurs lived in North Dakota?

Once source says that only scattered dinosaur fossils have ever been discovered in North Dakota, but the state is rich in other prehistoric animals. Other sources state that Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in North Dakota during the Cretaceous period. Edmontosaurus -- a duck billed dinosaur Troodon -- therapod dinosaur

The most incredible dinosaur ever found?


What is the largest dinosaur ever found on earth?

The Argentinosaurus

Where was the largest ever dinosaur bone found?

the the largest bone was found Aiaustrailla.

What is the name of the oldest dinosaur ever found and when was it discovered?

The Oldest known dinosaurs fossils are prosauropods found in Madagascar. They date to about 230 Million Years Ago in the Late Triassic Period. It was from the same family of dinosaurs that became Apatasaurus and Diplodocus. Previous to this the oldest dinosaur was a Eoraptor found in Argentina. This dates back to about 228 Million Years.

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