Are dinosaurs still alive now?


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Yes, they still exist in the form of birds.

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Dinosaurs are still alive. They are called birds.

Yes. Birds have now been recognized as dinosaurs.

birds are still alive and are dinosaurs

No dinosaurs are not still alive there are some relatives of dinosaurs that have been alive since dinosaurs like alligators and crocodiles even tigers and elephants.

The only living group of dinosaurs are birds. However, they are abundant and diverse; there are over 10,000 described bird species.

There are no dinosaurs that are still alive.

They ate plants, fruits and other dinosaurs.

No penguins are still living dinosaurs are extinct

Yes. Scientists have now determined that birds are dinosaurs. Other than that, no.

since decoto dragons are still alive I think there are still a type of monster living right now on earth.

In the sense that birds are dinosaurs, and thus that dinosaurs are still alive, yes. However they were not alive when non-avian dinosaurs were around. Parrots did not evolve until a few million years after non-avian dinosaurs died out.

Dinosaurs as most people think of them are completely extinct. However, birds evolved from dinosaurs, and as such, are considered to be a group of dinosaurs. Since birds are still alive today, so are some dinosaurs. No dinosaurs other than birds are alive today, though.

Birds are dinosaurs and today everywhere we have birds.

The dinosaurs have died out but birds may have evolved from them.

No they are still alive, they evolved into birds.

No, but there are animals that have dinosaurs as ancestors.

One class of dinosaurs is still alive today: birds.

We most likely wouldn't be here, And you would'NT need to ask that question.

dinosaurs lived millions of years ago but some are still alive

All of the non avian dinosaurs are extinct. However, birds are considered dinosaurs. Thus, there are over 10,000 species of dinosaurs alive today.

no they where dead they where way early

Non avian dinosaurs died out 65.5 million years ago. However, birds, which are a subgroup of dinosaurs, do still exist. So dinosaurs are still alive.

Birds are dinosaurs. The very big dinosaurs died before humans evolved.

The dinosaurs are technically alive anyway since birds are dinosaurs. There is currently no evidence that any non-avian dinosaurs have survived past the mass extinction around 65million years ago.

The colecanth lived before the dinosaurs, through the dinosaur age and now every now and then people catch one. That means they are rare but still alive.

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