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Are dogs like humans?

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Are humans like dogs?

Humans are not like dogs they are very different with mating and every way they live their day differently than humans

What smell do dogs hate but humans like?


Could dogs or cats evolve like humans?

Not likely dogs and cats are intellegent but are not able to evolve like humans do.

Are dogs just like humans?


Do dogs have personalities?

Yes! Like humans, dogs have personalities and like or dislike things

Do dogs think like humans?

No. Dogs are different from humans. For example, dogs cannot process many colours, unlike humans. Dogs have the pack instinct (resulting in their loyalty), while humans do not. Dogs only mate in breeding season, while humans mate anytime.

Do dogs get distressed?

They can do. A dogs life can be very distressing, like a humans.

Can dogs have miscarriages?

Yes, dogs can have miscarriages just like humans.

Do humans have the same hearing capability like cats and dogs?

no they dont cats and dogs have more capability than humans espeacily dogs

Why do dogs bark and not talk like humans?

since humans talk when they breathe out and dogs do it when they breathe in this is the main reason why humans talk and they bark

Can dogs catch infections from humans?

yes dogs can catch infections from humans. Like cough, sneezing etc

How dogs reproduce?

just like humans

Do dogs hate girls?

No. Dogs do not feel the emotion of hate like humans do.

Do dogs have diarrhea?

Yes, of course dogs can have diarrhea, just like humans.

Allergies for dogs?

Just like humans, dogs get allergies too. Often they're treated in the same way they are for humans.

Can dogs get any type of sugar dieabeaties?

Dogs can get diabetes just like humans. They must be treated with insulin and a special diet, just like humans.

What scents do dogs not like?

dogs don't like smells that are strong to humans since dogs have a better sense of smell than humans its even stronger for them and they don't like the smell of shampoo and things similar to that like soap for example

How may people like dogs?

Dogs like human if they feel that humans does not harm them, feed them properly and they also like humans that does not dispose them and that's why they like humans. if you do those things, they will like you but be sure to give your dogs anti rabbis shots wait..before you stop reading this...Did you know that cats also have rabbis?

Can dogs talk like humans can?

No they can't talk like we can talk.

How do dogs live?

Dogs live like humans, they do all of the seven life processes.

How dogs get oxygen?

Just like humans do. Dogs breathe through their noses and their mouths.

Do dogs go to earth?

Definitely, dogs go to earth. Like humans, this is where they live.

Why do dogs react?

Because they have feelings, just like us humans. And because of those feelings that dogs and humans have in common, dogs have been regarded as the man's best friend.

Are dogs born knowing how to bark?

Yes it is just like humans. Humans are born knowing how to talk, dogs are born knowing how to bark

Is cancer in dogs hereditary?

like humans cancer is hereditary