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Q: Are earthquakes causes by the sin's energy?
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What do sliding plates release that causes earthquakes?

Sliding plates release tension and energy to cause earthquakes.

The science that studies earthquakes and their causes?

Seismology is the science of earthquakes and their causes. A scientist who studies earthquakes and their causes is called a seismologist.

How do earthquakes happen-?

Earthquakes happen when under the ground rocks break at a fault. The rocks then break it release of energy which causes semi waves.

What is earthquakes and its causes?

Earthquakes are cool...

When these pieces of earths surface crash together or scrape against one another the release of energy causes?


Why are there earthquakes on earth?

Friction between shifting tectonic plates builds up, and the energy release causes an earthquake.

Does deposition causes earthquakes?

i think that earthquakes can cause deposition

How do faults relate to earthquakes?

A sudden slip on a fault causes earthquakes. When the sides of a fault are pressed together due to stresses on the earth's outer layer, it slips and releases energy in waves that travel along the earth's crust, which causes the shaking during an earthquake.

What causes a rockfall?


What are the release dates for What Causes Earthquakes - 1925?

What Causes Earthquakes - 1925 was released on: USA: 10 July 1925

What is seismic energy?

The energy released in earthquakes

Can hurricanes and earthquakes happen underwater?

hurricanes no, earthquakes yes. thats what causes Tsunamis... underwater earthquakes.