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Are earthquakes geological?


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Yes, earthquakes are geological.

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earthquakes, volcanoes, desert

Because they are a geological event.

earthquakes can cause tsunamis, landslides, flooding, and volcanos

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis are all dramatic examples of geological events.

Geological activities such as volcanism and earthquakes.

According to Maryland's Geological Survey, there have been 68 recorded earthquakes felt in Maryland.

A geological process is something which affects the earth and can be considered as earth forming or earth weathering. Examples of geological processes include: volcanism, glaciation, earthquakes, weathering etc.

Earthquakes, Volcanos, etc.. :) hope it helped

Geological processes are processes that shape or change the physical makeup of the planet. If you think about it you will realize that things like erosions, earthquakes, and meteor impact change the earth which makes them geological processes. (:

They cause :volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes, and many more!

Geological. Earthquakes are formed by shifting Tectonic plates. (Earth science)

Earthquakes under water and earthquakes on land are caused by exactly the same geological force, as mentioned by the first answer. If there happens to be water above the earthquake, then it is an underwater earthquake, but there is no difference as to the cause.

Technically mountains,earthquakes,volcanoes.......good luck

No. Earthquakes - by definition - happens on Earth. Pluto might possibly suffer Plutoquakes, if there's enough geological activity or perhaps a decent meteorite hit.

Earthquakes actually do occur in Ireland, but they are very mild, not even strong enough to do any damage and are barely noticeable. Ireland is not close enough to any major geological faults for there to be major earthquakes in Ireland.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes,extinctions of dinosaurs,tsunamis,the breakup of Pangaea the super-continent and many other things

Produce an intense seismic activity, continental drift, mild earthquakes, mud volcanoes.

Location on a single tectonic plate in which means natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes do not occur. eg; Australia

Yes, they have. The US Geological Survey keeps records of the incidence of seismic activity.

Earthquakes happen in the Philippines due to its geographical/geological location. It is located in the so-called "circum-pacific ring of fire" due to active tectonic plates movement.

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