Are earthquakes predictable?


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yes earthquakes are predictable

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In fact, earthquakes are predictable.

No. We currently have no way of predicting earthquakes.

some earthquakes might be predictable but most come unexpectedly

We do not know. Earthquakes are not predictable.

No, earthquakes cannot be prevented currently as we still do not have the technology. However, earthquakes are predictable. To save your own life, evacuate to higher ground before earthquake strikes.

No, the word 'predictable' is an adjective. The verb form of 'predictable' is 'to predict'.

His behavior is so predictable! That was a predictable response.

Well, they are both natural disasters that can inflict severe harm on people. They can kill and spread mass panic. Some differences would be the fact that hurricanes are far more predictable than earthquakes and that hurricanes usually only affect the shoreline, unlike earthquakes which can happen anywhere.

It depends on the area and how much water there is. It can or cannot be predictable. Some areas have very predictable floods. Others do NOT have floods that are predictable

they are very predictable but their effects are not

Yes, a flood is predictable.

There are various types of natural disasters, which include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, and swarms of locusts. Some of these are predictable and some are not.

yes ocean currents are predictable

This example sentence was fairly predictable.

Sandstorms are predictable with the right technology. They weren't very predictable until the appropriate technology was developed, and still aren't very predictable in the countries without access to this technology.

Your so predictable that even I know what your going to do before you do!

Earthquakes happen when tectonic plates, which are constantly moving and grinding against each other, create enough force to cause a seismic event. When enough pressure builds up to cause an earthquake is not predictable because we can't accurately measure such buildup.

Tides are caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon (and other astronomical bodies to a lesser extent), and tsunamis are caused by earthquakes. Tides are very predictable, tsunamis are very unpredictable.

Predictable means "happening as expected". It can describe a person, animal, or event. Here are some examples: -The girl was so predictable; I knew she was going to raise her hand. -It was so predictable that Johnney would point out the elephant. -The cat could be described as predictable after she caught the mouse, like always.

It is predictable because scientists use many helpful devices to measure it.

Earthquakes do not happen in stages, or are visibly predictable like hurricanes or tornadoes. For example, we can use radars and weather tools to detect them. Earthquakes on the other hand, don't happen in stages so we can not precisely predict the exact timing of the earthquake. Scientists have other ways to predict earthquakes, even thought they can not predict the precise timing of the quakes. See the question below to see how scientists (seismologists) can predict roughly when and how much damage an earthquake can impose.

it depends of area how much water there is. some areas have very predictable floods

Yes, they are now predictable (of course with some unavoidable uncertainty).

Nuclear decay in general is not predictable

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