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AnswerEggs are often confused as both a form of dairy and of meat, but in reality, they are neither.

Because eggs are an animal byproduct, just like milk, many people catagorize eggs as dairy. However, dairy is very specifically designated as the byproduct of the mammary glands of mammals like cows or goats. Essentially dairy is any milk or milk-made product, such as butter or ice-cream.

However, eggs are not meat either. Eggs are the fetal form of a mature animal, and are considered their own entity in and of themselves, than meat. Eggs are eggs and meat is meat.


The answer above is both right and wrong. I'm sure the asker was wanting a food group, and eggs are not a food group. They are protein, the food group with meat IN it. But everything else is correct

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Q: Are eggs a dairy or a meat product?
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Is eggs a dairy product?

No, eggs are not dairy. Eggs are protein.

What type of vegetarian uses dairy products?

A vegetarian eats dairy; The only term describing someone who eats no animal based product (meat, dairy, eggs...) is Vegan.

What are 3 types of vegetarians?

Ovo-vegetarians:eats eggs, but no meat, dairy, or fish Lacto-vegetarians:eats dairy products but no meat, fish, eggs Pesce-vegetarians: eats eggs, fish, and dairy but no meat

Are eggs poultry?

Eggs are a poultry product, the same as milk is a dairy product.

Which vegetarian diet will not eat meat but will eat dairy and eggs?

If you are: Vegan: You consume no meat, fish, dairy or eggs, in fact anything that is an animal or has come from an animal you avoid. Vegetarian: You consume no meat or fish, but can eat both eggs and dairy as they are not a creature they are a produce of the animal. Pescetarian: This is someone who will not eat meat, but will eat fish, eggs and dairy.

Are eggs diary products?

I believe eggs are not a dairy product.

Are eggs a dairy product?

Eggs are not a dairy product.Yes eggs are dairy products. It comes under poultry farming and Indian government are looking more on layer poultry farming and also new techniques.

Is cheese consider ed a meat?

No, cheese is not a meat. It is a dairy product. But it comes from meat.

Are eggs considered a dairy product?

Although eggs are commonly sold in the dairy section of most supermarkets, but dairy is, by definition, "any food made from milk or milk products." Eggs are not dairy, but rather considered in the realm of 'animal byproducts'. Another hint that eggs are not a dairy product is that egg allergies and dairy allergies are separate things.

Is omelette a dairy product?

No as made with eggs.

Is eggs consider a fruit?

No, it is a dairy product

Are eggs considered poultry?

It seems that eggs are considered to be a dairy product by most people. However, eggs are a by product of poultry.

Does milk have b12?

The only reliable unfortified sources of vitamin B12 are meat, dairy products and eggs. So milk is a dairy product and have lots of vitamin B12

Is beef a dairy product?

no it is a meat. cheese,milk etc are dairy dairy is a product made form milk

Is feta is meat or a vegetable?

Neither, it is a dairy product

Is cheese have cholesterol?

Yes, cheese contains cholesterol. Any animal food product will contain cholesterol. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, etc.

What are dairy ingredients?

Dairy ingredients are milk, cheese, eggs, etc. Anything that comes from milk is considered a dairy product (plus eggs). I hope that answered your question.

Why cant Jews eat milk and eggs together?

There is no reason for Jews to not combine dairy and eggs. Eggs are classified as 'pareve' which means that they are neutral and can be combined with either meat or dairy.

Is egg a meat?

Meat is usually defined as the flesh of an animal, so eggs are not meat. It's certainly an animal product, so no vegan would be consuming it. Some vegetarians may eat it, some may not.Eggs Are Not MeatAn egg is a dairy product, not a meat. DebEggs Are ALSO Not DairyAn egg does not have anything to do with an animal's mammary gland, so it cannot be considered dairy. DanAnswerEggs are considered MEAT according to the dictionary and the food pyramid

Is a blueberry muffin a dairy product?

A blueberry muffin is not a dairy product. Dairy products consist of cheese, yogurt, milk, and other things that come from cows that isn't meat.

What is a ovo vegetarian diet?

An ovo vegetarian is somewhat rare. They do not consume meat or dairy, but do consume eggs. The majority of the veg community are either vegetarian (consumes dairy & eggs) or vegan (no dairy or eggs). If someone is an ovo vegetarian, they probably have a dairy intolerance.

What are the four groups of food?

grain, meat, dairy/eggs, veggies, and fruit

What are the four food groups?

grain, meat, dairy/eggs, veggies, and fruit

What are Lacto-ovo vegetarians?

Lacto-ovo vegetarians don't eat any flesh (animals of any kind); however, they do eat dairy products and eggs which are animal byproducts. Strict vegetarians, also known as vegans, do not eat dairy or eggs or any kind of meat product.

Do eggs have dairy in them?

No, eggs are not a dairy food.