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They can be of they are old or have been abraded. If they are they should be replaced with new cords.

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Q: Are electrical cord frayed or cracked?
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What appliances use frayed or damaged electrical cords?

No appliances should be used with a frayed or damaged electrical cord.

Can a frayed electrical cord start fire?


If you discover a frayed cord on an electrical appliance in your service user home what should you do?

A frayed cord on an electrical appliance should be replaced before the appliance is used again.

Can a iron start a home fire?

absolutely, with a frayed cord or an electrical short in the wire

What can happen if the insulation on an electrical cord or plug is cracked or broken?

I am not an electric expert, but I do know that it can short out and may start a fire.

What would happen if someone touched a frayed cord?

they might die

What is a sentence for the word frayed?

Frayed is a past participle verb. It can be used in the following sentences:The rope was so badly frayed that I couldn't tie it in a not.Cheap clothes can quickly become frayed.Burning the ends of cord is a good way to stop it becoming frayed.

What Causes a chirping sound in the engine compartment?

Usually a worn or frayed drive belt. Inspect all belts and replace any you find that are worn, cracked, or frayed.

What should you do if electrical cables become nicked or frayed excessively?

Replace them

What should you do if the electrical cables become nicked or frayed excessively?

replace it

Could a short circuit happen when the electrical cord of a wire frays?

Yes. It's important to replace frayed wiring, or insulate the wires (from each other and from the surrounding environment) using appropriate electrical tape or other insulators (shrink tubing, etc.).

How often should you replace the alternator belt for Honda Fit 2010?

Replace it when it becomes cracked or frayed.

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