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If you're in the Northeast where the dampness and salt eat up cars, then yes, any older car will probably have electrical problems.

Another possible factor: previous owners may have tested electrical wires with probes that pierced the protective plastic on the wire. Left open, corrosion forms and shorts out wires. I've seen this on fairly new cars.

I own a '93 Pontiac Sunbird LE, my mother was the original owner, and we haven't experienced any electrical problems with her whatsoever... but then again, I live in the desert of California so that might have somethin' to do with it. Hope this helped!

I have a '93 Sunbird as well. I hit an animal with my car and the turn signal fell off. This created numerous problems with the wiring. I replaced the blinker and bulbs and then the left blinker signal stayed on when my lights were on. I replaced the flasher and still nothing. The guys at the auto parts store said it was a short in a wire but I have power, it just doesnt blink. Any suggestions?!

I used to own a 92 Pontiac sunbird, I bought it used with 90,000 miles on it so expected some issues. in the first 2 years I replaced the alternator 3 times, had constant problems with the lights, and radio sparadicaly going out. I then had a mechanic look at it and found that the battery's negative post was literaly hanging on by a thread. after replacing the battery I drove the car for another 3 years with out any major electrical problems.

Hello, I live in Mexico City, I own a Sunbird 90 convertible, i thisnk its a incredible car, but i have a electrical proble, the light on the dash board CHECK ENGINE is lighting, some time turn off and turn on while I�m driving, when the CHKENG lights the car feels a little weird, i repaired of the TPS sensor, Jack valve, fix the wires, scan the car with the computer, that it says nothing is bad, but the problem stills and I hate it, what can I do for that, it might be a short cut somewhere, but what? a light? convertible system?

Do you have any idea guys about it ?... please help me !!! I don't wnt to sell my car, I just want to fix it, besides bof that its a outstanding machine

Gabriel Karcher (52-55) 8589-6804

Hello !!! My name is Max Power, I living in Amarillo, Texas, I have a Sunbird convertible 90, the electrical system doesn�t work with my roof, I can�t open it, i send it to fix but this guys have no idea... and I don�t have the User Manual, two questions:

1.- Where can I find the User Manual Book for the Sunbird convertible 90 ?, with that I can Fix it by myself. 2.- What can I do if I want to replace my current engine 4 cyl. 2.0 l for the 3.1 V6 brand new, is there anyway tgo do it fine ?

I hope that anybody can help me out with this questions, congratulations for the Sunbird owners, be pacient fellows with your cars, if you treat them well they will survive with you, jaja, thank you very much for your attention and your answers.

Best Regards Maximilian Power


i have a 92 Pontiac sunbird. I fixed the fuel pump and it ran great now all of a sudden it just stopped running. I put two coaialls in and a something shock i have no idea about cars as you can read but if you have a suggestion please let me know.. MY EMAIL IS Thnx
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Q: Are electrical problems common for a Pontiac Sunbird?
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