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Electronic white boards are better than normal ones in a classroom or office setting because it enables you to save the writing or drawing you made on the board for later reference. It also enables you to write on existing diagrams from the computer whereas normal white boards do not.

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Q: Are electronic white boards better than normal ones?
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Where are the electronic bulletin boards in Pokemon white?

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Colaborate From Home With Electronic White Boards?

Coordinate work at home and at the office by adding electronic white boards that will allow people on both ends to collaborate as if they were in the same room, making total home productivity possible.

Are white boards better in terms of usefulness and maintanence than chalkboards?

White boards are much better than chalkboards, in terms of usefulness and maintenance. A white board is easier to clean in addition to more convenient and versatile.

How do chalk boards differ from white boards in terms of environmental effects?

Chalk boards are better for the environment than white boards. Chalk is made from natural materials, while white board markers often contain harmful chemicals. Keep in mind however that both chalk boards and white boards are more eco friendly than wasting paper.

What are white boards made of?

white boards are made of plastic (endo plastic, jama plastic, mamga plastic, jasin plastic) are usually the normal materials of the white board. By Jack Choi, Sis Seoul international school

White Boards ?

form_title= White Boards form_header= Install white boards in your office. What size do you need the white boards?*= _ [50] How many boards do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Where will the boards hang?*= _ [50]

Differences of white boards and black boards?

White boards use Dry Erase Markers. Black boards use Chalk.

What kind eraser to use on white boards?

same eraser both on white boards and chalk boards?

What is the average cost of electronic white boards?

The average price for an electronic whiteboard is $1100 United States Dollars. It is a fair price for the basic whiteboard, but if you want more expect to pay a higher price.

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yes ANS 2 - If you mean wood boards, that's a definite NO. PVA (white or yellow glue) will adhere to wood better.

Who invented White Boards?

your mam

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