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If your female cat is fixed aund another male cat is not fixed your female cat should not be attracted to the male cat but the male cat could be attracted to your female cat. ;)

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Usually no because the fixed females no long produce the hormone sent that attract males

yes female start to calm down when you get her fixed but if you have a male to you should get him fixed to or the female won't settle down that easily

I don't think this is true! Female spayed cats are not more likely to disappear. Unneutered male cats are more likely to stray.

Yes. both of my cats (a male and a female) have been fixed, and they have no problems with each other.

Orange cats can be male or female. Calico cats are usually female. Male Calicos are rare.

Two Adult Cats (one non-fixed male and one non-fixed female) make a kitten...

yes female cats shed more then male cats

As in cats that are male? Yes, cats can be male or female.

Male cats are neutered and female cats are spayed.

No. Ginger cats can be male or female.

Yes, but the female cats get spayed, and male cats get neutered.

Cats can be male or female.

Male cat is a tom, female is a she.

A male cat is bigger then a female.

unneutered male dogs are attracted to everything.

Female cats get spayed. Male cats get neutered. It's the smart thing to do.

Male cats will fight with other male cats in the area in order to mate with the female cat. Sometimes the female cats will also fight with the male.

Tortoiseshell cats are nearly always female

I have had both male and female cats. I've found male cats to be friendly and less 'catty.' wouldn't produce any kittens because male cats have no female genitalia.

Neutered means that a Male has had an operation so he won't cause a female cat to become pregnant. When a Female that has been fixed, it means that she has been spayed. = =

Male cats yowl to female cats and urinate when they are in "heat." You say he's neutered (fixed)? Well, he shouldn't be in heat AT ALL if he is neutered.

Yes if they are not fixed. Male or female, if you let them they will escape and before you know it you'll have kittens.

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