Are flamingos mammals or reptiles?

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Flamingos are neither mammals or reptiles. They are classified as birds since they have feathers and lay eggs. Yes and they still breath air but that doesn't mean they are mammals
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Is a crab a mammal or reptile?

A crab is categorized as an "Arthropod". Species in this grouping of animals also include insects, spiders, scorpions, lobsters, millipedes, and even more. They are known for things such as: -Having an exoskeleton, meaning their skeleton is on the outside -Being invertebrates, meaning th ( Full Answer )

How are mammals different from reptiles?

Mammals are warm-blooded, have fur, feed their young milk, andusually give birth to live young. Reptiles are cold-blooded, havescales, usually lay eggs, and generally do not feed their young.

Is a reptile a mammal?

No, a reptile has the ability to lay eggs. Mammals give birth to their young after a period of time, as the egg develops inside them, to first become an embryo, and then a foetus.

What is a mammal and a reptile?

A mammal is an animal which is warm-blooded, and gives birth to live babies (With an exception to some animals). For Example: Dolphins, whales, wolfs, bears, lions, tigers, etc.. A reptile is cold blooded and lay eggs, for example: Snake, lizzard, turtle, crocodile, etc.

Is a deer a mammal or reptile?

A Mammal. It has hair, not scales, and it bears it young live and feeds them with milk. They r fcked up

How did a reptile evolve into a mammal?

Mammals evolved from synapsids, and more specifically, from therapsids. Reptiles started to differentiate (become different) from amphibians around 400 million years ago. Various groups evolved out of these early reptiles including crocodiles, dinosaurs and birds, but most importantly to us a str ( Full Answer )

How are mammals and reptiles alike?

Reptiles and mammals both have a backbone and a notochord, sothey are vertebrates. . They both have a full respiratory system, converting oxygeninto carbon dioxide. . They both have brains, hearts, lungs and livers. The differences are that mammals are warm-blooded, or endothermic,meaning that t ( Full Answer )

Is a fish an amphibian reptile or mammal?

A fish is nor a amphibian, reptile or mammal. Fishes are divided into many different classes : 1. Class Agnatha 2. Class Chondrichthyes 3. Class Osteichthyes 4. Class Placodermi So fish is word that we use to describe (vaguely) any animal that falls into these numerous classes. Would you think that ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between mammals and reptiles?

There are some characteristics that are unique to mammals: hair,sweat glands, mammary glands, and the neocortex in the brain;reptiles lack all of those features and have scales in place ofhair. Many of them are also poisonous. On other grounds, most reptiles have a three-chamber heart, exceptcrocod ( Full Answer )

Are reptiles mammals?

A reptile is in no way a mammal. A reptile is a vertebrate, but it is completely different from a mammal. It doesn't have hair, it is an ectotherm, and it doesn't feed its young with milk. A mammal has hair at some point in its life, is an endotherm, and feeds it's young with milk.

Is a chicken a mammal or a reptile?

Chickens are birds, which is a different group of vertebrates from mammals and reptiles. Birds are all those creatures which lay eggs and have feathers..

Are roadrunners amphibians reptiles or mammals?

the Road Runner is a type of bird and it is very small, contrary to the belief with loony toons the road runner is in face smaller than a coyote and isn't even a snack for one either lol.. Hope it helps,. Silver ^_^

Is a gentoo penguin a mammal or a reptile?

Neither. Penguins are not mammals or reptiles - they are birds. Thedifferences between birds and mammals and reptiles are: Birds have feathers while mammals have fur, hair or skin, andreptiles have scaly skin. Birds lay eggs whilst mammals (with the exception of themonotremes) bear live young. Rep ( Full Answer )

What is the differrence between a mammal and reptile?

a reptile is a cold blooded genus of animal that lays eggs and generaly has a slow metabolism. they are often also poisonous. a mammal is a genus of animal that (except for the platipus) gives birth to live young and has a fast metabolism. this means that they use up energy much faster than reptile ( Full Answer )

Is a dragon a mammal or reptile?

In European Legends they're said to look reptalic, but it contridicts other European legends about them. Reptiles are cold blooded and dragons couldn't have been cold blooded because they were said to live on snowy mountains, where it'd be too cold for a reptile to survive.

Are sharks reptile or mammal?

\nNeither. Sharks are fish. They are in the same family as Rays. They have skeletons made up of cartilage (excluding the jaws and teeth).

Flamingo is a reptile?

No, flamingos are not reptiles. They obviously are birds, because of their feathers, wings, beaks, and hollow bones. If they were reptiles, flamingos would have scales , and smooth , wet skin, and would be cold blooded .

Is the pink flamingo a mammal?

No, flamingos are birds. Birds reproduce by egg laying. Mammals give birth to live young.

Is a flamingo a mammal?

No, a Flamingo is a bird. Not a mammal. Mammals (class Mammalia ) are a class of vertebrate animals characterized by the presence of sweat glands, including sweat glands modified for milk production, hair, three middle ear bones used in hearing, and a neocortex region in the brain. All mammals ( Full Answer )

Are reptiles not mammals?

Yes, reptiles are NOT mammals. Reptiles are exothermic vertebrates (coldblooded), have no fur, lay eggs and do not lactate. Mammals are endothermic vertebrates (warmblooded), have fur/hair, give birth to live young and lactate.

Are giraffes reptiles or mammals?

Giraffes are classed as mammals. They are not related to retiles in any way.. They are classed as mammals because they are vertebrates (They have a backbone, or spine), they are endothermic (this is sometimes called "warm blooded", and basically means they regulate their own boy temperature by usi ( Full Answer )

Are flamingos reptiles?

No flamingos belong to the bird family and not the reptile family as they have wings.

Are reptiles considered mammals?

reptiles and mammals are considered two separate categories of animals. reptiles differ mainly due to the fact that they are egg laying animals and are cold blooded (exothermic) mammals however have an umbilical cord supplying food directly to the foetus. mammals are also warm blooded (endot ( Full Answer )

What is bigger mammal or reptile?

There are individual mammals that are bigger than individual reptiles, and there are individual reptiles that are bigger that individual mammals. However, the average size of all extant mammals is larger than the average size of all extant reptiles. Most reptiles are lizards and snakes, which are us ( Full Answer )

Are reptiles the ancestors of mammals?

The basal amniotes, which resembled small lizards, split into two groups: the sauropsids and the synapsids. The sauropsids evolved into reptiles and birds. The synapsids evolved into mammals.

What is a mammal or a reptile?

a mammal is a warm blooded animal. A reptile is a lizard and snakesuch as a bearded dragon or even corn snake. However AFROG IS AN ANPHIBIAN

What are difference between mammal and reptile?

a mammal has fur and has milk and produces milk in its body butreptiles have scaly skin and live on water . +++ Also: Mammals are warm-blooded and viviparous. Reptiles arecold-blooded and oviparous - and only a few of the reptile specieslive on (or in) water!

Can a reptile be a mammal?

No, a reptile cannot be a mammal. Mammals are warmblooded and reptiles are coldblooded. Mammals give birth to live young and reptiles lay eggs. Mammals have hair and reptiles have scales on their skin.

How do you tell the difference from mammals from reptiles?

Mammals get pregnant; reptiles lay eggs. Additionally, mammals have fur, feed their young milk, and usually walk on vertical legs, have differentiated teeth, and are warm-blooded. Reptiles have scales, generally do not care for their young, walk with their legs splayed (except for snakes and som ( Full Answer )

What is a cheetah - a mammal or a reptile?

the cheetah is a mammal.It may be obvious because a reptile would lay eggs, and mammals don't. Just think about a cheetah laying eggs.It isn't a picture that would be real , wouldn't it?

Is a python a mammal or reptile?

A snake is a reptile, as it has scaly skin and many other features a reptile wound have. Therefore yes, a python is a reptile. :)

Is a platypus half mammal and reptile?

No. There is no species that can be half one classification and half another. It is a biological impossibility. The platypus is completely mammal.

Is a flamingo a reptile mammal etc?

No, a flamingo is not a reptile mammal etc, whatever that is. The fact that they have wings and feathers should give you a clue as to what they are.

How are mammal and reptiles different?

Mammals are characterized by being warm blooded and reptiles cold blooded. This means that mammals can regulate their own temperature whilst reptiles are influenced by the external temperature. Mammals also give birth to live young and suckle their young via special mammary glands (hence the name ma ( Full Answer )

Are aardvarks mammals or reptiles?

They are mammals.Aardvarks heve teats as females. Reptiles are egg layers. Aardvarks are placental. 'nuff said..

How is a platypus a mammal and not a reptile?

The Platypus is a Monotreme, or egg laying mammal. They nurse theiryoung as do other mammals. Also they use echo location much in thesame way dolphins (another mammal) do. Not all reptiles lay eggseither. Some snakes bear live young.

Are starfish mammals or reptiles?

Neither. Both reptiles and mammals are vertebrates. Starfish arepart of a group of invertebrates called echinoderms.

Is a dog a reptile or a mammal?

Mammal. It has the four things that make it a mammal. Has hair, has a backbone, is warm blooded, and offspring are born alive. If an animal doesn't have these 4 things they are not a mammal.

Is a cat a mammal a reptile a amphibian?

A mammal. There are four conditions that make a mammal. (1) have a backbone , (2) have fur or hair, (3) are warm blooded, (4) has young alive.

Is a crow a mammal a reptile or an amphibian?

A crow is neither, it is a bird. Why it is neither: Mammal: gives birth to live young (a crow lays eggs) Reptiles and Amphibians: "cold-blooded," (crows are warm-blooded)

Is newt a mammal or reptile?

No, a newt is a salamander and it is an amphibian. Newts live partof their lives on land but need water too, to stay wet, hunt forfood and lay their eggs.