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Are foxes beautiful?

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Most foxes especially red foxes are extremely beautiful! Especially in the wintertime when their coats are long and red. Fennec Foxes are really cute too! With their big ears and sandy coats. It all really depends on your opinion though. If you don't like foxes you might think they are ugly. You never know...

foxes are the most beautiful animals in the world!my favourte kind of fox is the red foxes in the autumn. ahh... you know? its just soooooo refreshing to seea fox and you just get this fresh feeling going through you. ahhh...........

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What do you call a group of beautiful ladies?


What is the size of a red fox?

Foxes are beautiful creatures. Red Foxes can weigh 6.5 to 24 lbs., they can measure from Head to the end of the body, 18 to 33.75 in. From their body to end of Tail, 12 to 21.75 in

What do you call a pack of foxes?

The collective noun for foxes is a leash of foxes. Another collective noun for foxes is a skulk of foxes.

What foxes mate for life?

Fennec Foxes and Arctic foxes do, Red Foxes sometimes do.

Do foxes eat other kinds of other foxes?

No, foxes do not eat other foxes.

What do you call foxes that live in the town?

"Urban" foxes, "City" foxes or "Urbanised" foxes.

Is whaling the same as killing foxes?

No because whales are becoming extinct and they are also these beautiful creatures are a major tourist attraction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeh that is true

What is the best poison to kill foxes?

Why kill them? They are a beautiful and beneficial animal. Get a live capture trap and catch them and then release a good distance from your home.

What is the collective noun for foxes?

The collective nouns are:an earth of foxesa company of foxesa lead of foxesa leash of foxesa skulk of foxesa troop of foxes

Why do hunters hunt red foxes for there fur?

Because hunters are killing the red wolf for its beautiful coat of fur to sell for a profit to fur traders.

Do cats attack foxes?

Baby foxes, yes. Adult foxes, no.

How do foxes use camouflage?

foxes such as red foxes uses leaves in the fall when artic foxes blend in with their habitat

What is a leash of foxes?

A leash of foxes is a name for an animal grouping, in this case foxes. Think flock of birds, leash of foxes.

Why are Arctic foxes called foxes?

Arctic foxes belong to the same genus as all foxes. It is based on their physical characteristics.

Do red foxes and gray foxes mate?

Yes, both red foxes and gray foxes mate but not with each other.

What is the possessive form of foxes?

The possessive form for the plural noun foxes is foxes'.

Are polar foxes endangered?

There are no "Polar foxes." There are, however, Arctic foxes and they are not endangered.

Are foxes harmful or helpful to people?

Foxes are small predatory mammals that in some areas where they present, have a large impact on the food chain. They help to keep overflowing rabbit populations down, which can in turn affect the amount of vegetation that is present. To answer, foxes cause little to no harm to humans, as they are very shy, and they do not normally enter human-inhabited areas. They are beautiful and peaceful creatures. Unfortunately, foxes are killed out of fear and for their skins today. Hope this helps!

Are foxes cats?

Foxes are not cats.

Do foxes migrate?

foxes do not migrate.

Are foxes blue?

Foxes are not blue.

How do you say foxes in German?


Do black foxes live in Maine?

I just saw one in Cherryfield Maine! All black, no silvering/or grey - a white tip on tail. Shiny and beautiful!

What do black foxes hunt?

There is no such thing as black foxes - they are red foxes but with a black coat, therefore they eat what red foxes eat.

What is the silver foxes name?

Silver foxes are often called gray or grey foxes.

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