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Fennec foxes are adorable.

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Where do puma's live in africa?

Pumas are animals of the Americas. They don't live in Africa.

What animals live with the cheetah in Southern Africa?

Animals that live with the cheetah in Southern Africa are elephants, hippopotamus, impala, and hyenas. Other animals that live in Southern Africa are baboons, warthogs, snakes, tortoise, and giraffes.

Animals in Africa?

10 animals that live in aftrica

Where do wild animals live in Africa?

they live all over in Africa there is no special place

Why do chimpanzees live in Africa?

chimps live in Africa because of the climate, animals, and fruit

Do bunnies live in the prairies?

of corse they do all cute little animals live in the praries

What cute animals live in the rain-forest?

monkeys, panda's, tigers. they are all really cute

Where do animals live who have long trunks?

Elephants live in Asia and Africa. Tapirs live in Australia or Africa ? ~ ~Sleenky

What animals live in West Africa?

Lots of different animals live in West Africa like the dwarf crocodile, manatee and lots more! ENJOY!

What are some animals that names begin with the letter B in Africa?

Baboons live in Africa. Bongo is a species of antelope that live in Africa.

Where do animals in Africa live?

Lions lives in east africa,south Africaand central Africa.

What animals do zebras live with?

They live with with almost any animal in Africa.

What kinds of animals live in South Africa?

Animals like Lions, Elephants, Black-backed jackal, Buffalo's, leopards, Rhinoceros live in South Africa.

What kind of animals live in western Africa?

wild animals such as lowland gorillias!

What animals in Africa are deer like?

Duikers, Gazelles, Elands, and Gerenuks are all deer-like animals that live in Africa.

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