Are fries really good for you?

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Q: Are fries really good for you?
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Related questions

How good are fries?

really good , try carl's jr.'s

Are potato fries a vegetable?

They are but they're not really all that good for you because French Fries contain lots of fats.

How are krinkel cut fries made?

you deep fry carrots and dip them into nutella (nutella is really good)

What can you eat with fries?

Practically anything in the world which you think tastes good or tastes good with fries.

How were french fries really invented?

French fries are fish & chips. Sccrnut9525[[User:Sccrnut9525|Sccrnut9525]] well in America and in other places, French Fries are also cut potatoes fried in oil. as far as how and when they were really invented, im not really sure.

Are curly fries good for your health?


Are french fries processed food?

French fries are both. You have processed fries, and you have natural cut fries. Processed fries go through many processes and machinery to get as good tasting as they are. Natural cut fries are just sliced and put in the oven, such as Wendy's fries or home fries.

Are french fries good with ketchup?

I think French fries taste horrible with ketchup

If you have to much greese from fries what will happen?

nothing really, your thighs will get really fat.

Are the French fries really French?

Are French Fries really French you say why yes they were made by the finest chefs in the world before they were brought to other countries!

What are some advantages of french fries?

There are many advantages of French fries such as the fact that they're a good filler. These fries are also very cheap.

Are french fries really made of potatoes?

Traditional french fries are, yes. Although "fries" can be made of other products, such as sweet potatoes, apples, tofu, etc.

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