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There will be times when a guy is better at something than a girl is, or a girl is better at something than a guy, but both are equal no matter what anyone says.

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Why are girls better than guys?

girls are better than guys because they are nicer and mature faster

Who is better guys or girls?

Well some guys would say guys are, and some girls would say girls are.

What guys can do that girls can't?

guys can do everything better :)

If guys think they are better than girls and girls think they are the opposite then which is better?

I don't really think either gender is superior, but there are certain things that guys are better at, and there are certain things that girls are better at.

Is girls better then guys?


Why do guys think that girls a retarded?

because girls are better then guys and they don't want to admit it.

Are girls or guys better?

It all depends on personality, you can't say girls or guys are better on a whole because everybody is different.Everyone will have their own opinion about girls or guys being better. The truth is that you can't lump a large group like guys or girls together and say which group is the best. There are good guys and bad guys and there are good girls and bad girls. Guys are better at some things and girls are better at others. It's like comparing apples and oranges; however, here are some opinions:Guys because they are strong, athletic, sweet, hot , and nice hair like jb

Are girls better boys?

Girls are better...But guys can probably do things and perfect them faster than girls can

What do cats like better girls or guys?

girls, definatly

Why are girls better than guys. I need this for a thesis paper?

Girls... da girls are able to do anything guys can do

Do girls like cool guys or cute guys better?

cute guys of course

Why do guys blow off girls?

Guys blow girls off because they know they are better and an get somebody better. To every guy us (girls) were just another one to them.

Which are better kissers guys or girls?

both (:

Why are guys better than girls?

because guys dont have to work in the kitchen

Do guys like girly girls or punk girls better?

depends on the guy.

Do guys like strapless or hook bras better on girls?

Guys like bras off girls. it doesnt matter.

Do guys care about girls looks?

It depends on the guy, but generally girls who look "better" tend to get more attention from guys.

Why are girls silly?

They Have better personalitys than guys

Do boy or girl have better memory?

I think girls have better memory then guys, because, girls can remember anniversairies or wedding, when guys can only remember thinks they see!

Is it true guys are better athletes than girls?

depends sumtimes girls r better than boys =)

Do most guys like blonde or brown hair better?

guys like blonde girls better (answered from experienc)

Who are better lovers girls or guys?

It depends on what kind of person they are.

Do girls anal smell better than guys?


What percent of girls are better than guys at sports?


Are guys or girls better at driving?

Normally girls. Guys brake the speed limit! Some Guys!My dad is is like that, he SOMETIMES brakes them...ThanksBye HP (signed)

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