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Are gorillas endangered?


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Yes, Gorillas are endangered.

There are many sub-species of gorillas and most of them are critically endangered.

  1. Western Gorilla - Critically Endangered
  2. Western Lowland Gorilla - Critically Endangered
  3. Cross River Gorilla - Critically Endangered
  4. Eastern Gorilla - Endangered
  5. Mountain Gorilla - Critically Endangered
  6. Eastern Lowland Gorilla - Endangered

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yes gorillas are endangered! and almost extinct due to poachers

Mountain gorillas and the Western Gorillas are two types of endangerd gorillas.

yes the western lowland gorillas are critically endangered (almost dead)

All gorillas are endangered.

well, gorillas attack other things but sometime when they do it, that animal might kill it but don't let that happen! because there endangered gorillas.

All gorillas are endangered, including silverbacks, which are simply mature males of the species (whichever one that is under consideration).

Gorillas are endangered due to habitat destruction and due to poaching.

Yes, gorillas are endangered, the mountain gorilla critically so.

One solution to save the endangered gorillas is to have more people paroling their habitat to stop poachers. Support organizations that donate to saving gorillas or make a donation to an organization directly.

The Western Lowland Gorilla is listed as endangered in Central and Western Africa.

when king kong was around. No, Ever since humans started killing and capturing gorillas.

Gorillas have been listed as Endangered under the Endangered Species Preservation Act (predecessor law to the Endangered Species Act) since Jun 2, 1970. OBVIOUSLY gorillas are not native to the U.S., but the U.S. established the worlds first Endangered Species List.

Sharks, gorillas, monkeys, and lizards.

the answer is the trees are getting cut down

Gorillas are not extinct but endangered .

People think there mean and evil

The Virunga Mountains is the home of the endangered gorillas

endangered animals include: giant pandas, mountain gorillas,whales, African elephants, seabirds

because humans are tearing down the forests they live in

give money to the gorilla saving company!

because people are poching them for thier skin.

Gorillas live almost exclusively in Africa. They live in the tropical rain forests and are considered an endangered species.

Rapid Habitat Loss due to deforestationIndiscriminate Hunting for meatare the reasons why Gorillas are endangered

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