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Q: Are green fig beatle bugs blind?
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Are fig newtons made out of bugs?

No. They are made from figs, the fruit.

How is green fig and salt fish made?

boil the green fig and shred the salt fish move the bones add salt

Is the strangling fig a green plant?


What is the Hebrew word for green fig?

The Hebrew word for fig, regardless of ripeness, is te'enah (תאנה). Unripe fig = te'enat bosehr (תאנת בוסר) fig blossom = pahg (פג)

What do fig leaves look like what are their colors and shapes?

Fig leaves are large and green. They have rounded edges and are very good for covering private parts. Fig leaves grow on fig trees but you do not eat them like figs.

Whats the national dish for Saint Lucia?

Green Fig and Saltfish

What is the national dish of Saint Lucia?

Green Fig and saltfish pie

How do you get the green jewel?

in kaya give the turtle the fig that was in mountains of moon

What is the main dish of Saint Lucia?

green fig and salt fish

What are the adaptations of a fig tree?

fig fig fig fig

What does a fig tree look like?

== == A fig tree look like a regular tree but with long yellow green leaves. See the Related Link below for an image.

Is your fig tree dead?

scratch a little of the bark, if it's green it's still alive.

What fruit is a fig newton made from?

A fig newton is made from a fig newton pasrty filled with fig paste.

What is fig in Italian?

Fig is - fico

What is dried fig called i thought it was a dried fig?

A dried fig is correct.

What are facts about green June beetles?

The Green June Beetle is a fig-eater. It can be found all across the United States. Lastly, Green June Beetles make a buzzing sound when flying.

Should you write a fig is a fruit or a fig is fruit?

we should write fig is a fruit

Where is the green gem on nabooti island?

The green JEWEL on Nabooti Island is at the Kaya Forests. You will need a shovel and a cactus fig to recover the JEWEL.(see related question)

Where do you get the green gem on nabooti island?

The green JEWEL on Nabooti Island is at the Kaya Forests. You will need a shovel and a cactus fig to recover the JEWEL. (see related question)

What does FIG stand for?

FIG is an abbreviation for "figure".

Is fig a friut or vegetable?

A fig is a fruit

What is the scientific name of elephant ear fig?

It is Ficus auriculata. The elephant Ear Fig is a fig tree with very large leaves, reminding one of elephant ears. The young leaves start intensely red, and turn more and more green as they mature.

What is a fig plucker?

A fig plucker is a person who goes to the Fig orchards and picks the figs from the trees.

What is a food that starts with the letter h in spanish?

higo (green fig) helado (ice cream) habas (broad beans)

What is a Hottentot Fig?

Hottentot Fig is Mesembryanthemum edule.