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Are green trees real?

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Some green trees are 'real' and some are not if by not real you mean artificial

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Do Christmas trees have to be green?

real ones are usually green but if you make one they can be whatever color you would like

How can you use green in a sentence?

In spring the trees are green, in winter the trees are bare.

How many syllables are in forest trees are just green?

The phrase "forest trees are just green" has six syllables. For-est - trees - are - just - green.

What is a word ladder from green to trees?

green greed freed frees trees Using "treed" it is only 3 steps: green greed treed trees

Do people buy more real Christmas trees or fake trees?

More people buy real trees because they like the smell of the freshly overgrown plants. However, the small population of people who buy fake trees either are alligrgic or are going green to save the earth. Written by Professor Nobbles

What types of trees are evergreens?

Evergreen trees are trees that are green forever !!

Why are needleleaf trees also known as evergreen trees?

Their 'leaves' are green needles that are 'ever green'.

Do green ash trees live in any kind of climate?

No. For instance there are no green trees in Antarctica.

How are Christmas trees made?

Christmas trees are real trees.

Why trees are called green gold?

trees are green gold because it gives us lot of shade and if there wasnt any trees we can not breathe

What trees grew along the shores of green lake?

pine trees grew along the shores of green lake in the book holes

What kind of trees are in a tiger habitat?

the tiger's habitat trees are green trees or you can call them forest trees

Why are green beans and locust trees in the same family?

Yes, green beans and locust trees are in the Fabaceae family.

Why are trees green?

Trees appear green because the green pigment in the plastids called chlorophyll absorb all chromatic color in light other than green and therefore it appears green in color.

Are green mambas real?

yes green mambas are real

What colors make Christmas green?

The Christmas trees are green.

What color are trees?

Most trees are green, but some dead trees are brown. In the fall, they are orange. :)

What are desidiuos trees?

Trees that shed thier leaves are deciduous trees, as opposed to ever green

Is the sentence a sea of green trees a simile?

no but if you were to say the green trees were like a sea then it is a simile because it contains like.

What do you call trees that are evergreen?

Good question! Ever green trees.

Are fake trees better then real trees?

Real trees are better. But if you have a fake tree and you make it look real and decorate it very nice then they would be equal. If your fake tree looks fake then real ones are better.

Where to buy real Christmas trees in waterfoot?

There aren't Any real XMAS trees in Waterfoot . Sorry

Do trees have seeds?

Yes, seeing as they start from seeds.

Are rainbow trees real?

Of course they're not real!

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