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Are greenhouse gases affecting the earth?

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2012-11-19 04:25:17

At present man-made greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) and

methane, are adding to the greenhouse effect. The natural carbon

cycle is unable to cope with the extra CO2 which remains in the

atmosphere gathering heat, and causing global warming.

Less than 1% of the gases in Earth's atmosphere are called

greenhouse gases. Even though they are not very abundant, these

greenhouse gases have a major effect.

Carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor (H2O), methane (CH4), nitrous

oxide (N2O), and a few other gases are greenhouse gases. They all

are molecules composed of three or more atoms, bound loosely enough

together to be able to vibrate when they absorb heat. Eventually,

the vibrating molecule will emit the radiation again, and it will

likely be absorbed by yet another greenhouse gas molecule. This

process is called the greenhouse effect and keeps heat near the

Earth's surface.

All of the green house gases that are mentioned in the above

answer are not necessarily man made. They are all natural gases in

our environment. The jury is still out on whether we make enough to

cause severe climate change as is claimed.

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