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Are grits unhealthy?

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No. They are just grain, however, additives such as butter or sugar are both unhealthy. Grits are alright. Oatmeal, in comparision, could be said to be healthier, as it's higher in both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber and is also a whole grain. But there's nothing wrong with unflavored grits.

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What state has grits?

Grits are made in Georgia!

How many cups of dry grits is equal to cooked grits?

Dry grits expand greatly so be sure to follow the recipe. 1 cup of dry grits is equal to 4 cups of cooked grits.

What is grits in spanish?

Grits is maiz molido, or mola.

Are grits a carbohydrate?

Yes, there are carbohydrates in corn grits.

Are jd bugs better than grits?


Is rice and corn grits heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Rice grits is homogeneous, corn grits is homogeneous, rice and corn grits mixed is heterogeneous.

Grits in a sentence?

Grits are a Southern US breakfast food. It is porridge made of coarsely ground dried corn. "(You) Kiss my grits!" an expression of distain. "Grits and gravy for breakfast is a substantial meal." "Mama reheated the grits for dinner and added cheese."

Are grits the same as cream of rice?

No. Grits are a product made from corn.

Can you freeze grits at are uncooked?

Yes, you can store uncooked grits in the refrigerator.

What country did grits come from?

grits came from England in the United Kingdom

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Is grits wholegrain?

Grits is not whole grain. Traditionally the corn for grits is ground by a stone mill. The results are passed through screens, with the finer part being corn meal, and the coarser being grits.

Are the bugs in grits harmful?

If you eat it, they are. If you see them in there and toss them out, they aren't. It depends on where the bugs came from. If the bugs hatched from eggs that were already inside the grits then they are probably not harmful. If the bugs crawled into the grits from somewhere else then they can be harmful. Bugs that are from the grits do not carry bacteria and diseases from other sources. Bugs from outside the grits can carry bacteria and disease to the grits.

Can cats eat grits?

No, a cat should never eat grits. The grits contain to many carbs and can cause the cat to have an upset stomach.

Does grits contain lipids?

Yes, grits contain a small amount of lipids.

How many calories 1 cup of grits?

There are 108 calories in 1 cup of grits.

What brands of grits are gluten free?

Trader Joe's stone ground white grits

Since corn is a Grain-then is stone ground Grits-Whole grain?

Yes, if it's yellow grits. White grits have the outer hull removed.

What does kneeling of grits means in the book the secret life of the bee means?

Kneeling on grits was a punishment because they were very hard and shards of grits would dig into your knees.

Why are grits important in The Secret Life of Bees?

Lily's father has her kneel on grits for punishment towards her.

Can goats eat grits?

Goats can eat almost anything! So yes, they can eat grits.

How do you make sweet grits?

All you need to do is add sugar or honey or a sugar substitute to your grits.

Can bugs in grits make you sick?

It depends on what the bugs are, but bugs in grits probably can't make you sick.

Is grits or cream of wheat okay for Daniel fast?

Grits with no butter is fine but I have no idea about cream of wheat.

Is grits good for you?

grits is boiled corn so yes it is nutritious but adding butter or sugar to it for flavor is not.