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Are grizzly bears the most dangerous bear?


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There is much debate over the polar bear or the grizzly bear is the most dangerous, certainly the Grizzly Bear is more aggressive so that makes it most likely to attack and kill someone.

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No, because most polar bears are taller and heavier than grizzly bears.

The most dangerous animal in europe would be an european brown bear or the european grizzly bear. Especially with the brown bears in alaska, brown bears can grow very large, and even bigger than the polar bear.

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grizzly bears do live in florda becase the everglades is the where the most black bears live

The grizzly bear is a subspecies of brown bear. Brown bears are omnivores. In fact, they have the most varied diet of any bear species.

Remember, most bears prefer to avoid contact with humans, and any bear, grizzly bears and black bears tend to behave differently in a given situation.

Grizzly Bears are dangerous because most people surprise them or try to take their cubs. It could also be that there are less than 1,000 of the species.

Not really. They can be just as dangerous as any other bear. Any bear can be dangerous, but the species with the most human attacks is the American black bear. The Asiatic sloth bear is also considered a very ill tempered species, and is credited with many attacks on humans. The brown or grizzly bear can be more dangerous because of its size and power, but the most dangerous situation one can be in is to surprise a female bear of any species with her cubs. The best way to avoid this is to make noise while in bear country. Normally, the bears will move off if they hear you coming.

The grizzly is a race of the brown bear, and brown bears are not endangered. Some grizzly populations were exterminated, such as in Mexico and California, and in Utah and Nevada, but the inland brown bear (grizzly) is holding its own in most places.

Black Bear, you can find them in more places. Grizzly bears are only in select places so black bears are the most common.

Black bears are the most common bear in Canada as well as in the United States.

A grizzly bear. In Montana, the grizzly bears can grow 9 ft tall and weigh more than half a ton. They can even kill adult bull moose.

The grizzly bear is the most dangerous animal in Canada. Other dangerous animals in Canada include the wolverine, the Massasauga rattler, the black bear, and the polar bear.

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i believe it is because most bears in America have a brownish color. for example:the grizzly bear

Usually the grizzly bear, which is a race of the brown bear. However, a black bear world record was taken in North Carolina that weighed 881 pounds, which is heavier than most grizzlies.

I would think that the cubs depend on the bear the most.

When they get hold of your double barrel shotgun yes and if you run

Most brown bears are brown, but some may be blonde or black in colour. There have even been cases of brown bears that were white in colour, when grizzly bears have mated with polar bears. (That wouldn't be a Brown Bear, it would be a Polar/Grizzly hybrid.)

Bears have been considered the most common animals in Alaska. Alaska is home to the polar bear, the grizzly bear, and the black bear.

Ok this is coming from someone that lives in alaska: The grizzly bear and the brown bear are the same thing (just so you know) and it's the grizzly bear that is the most dangerous It has been said that if you are attacked by a black bear, fight back; if you are attacked by a grizzly (brown) bear, play dead; and if you are attacked by a polar bear, pray. While there is no doubt the grizzly/brown bear is a larger, more powerful animal, studies show the black bear attacks humans more than the grizzly, and will feed on humans more often than the grizzly.

Most closely related to the brown bear.I'm guessing that is the panda bear.Another Answer:Grizzly and Brown Bears.Panda are not bears. They are from the Raccoon family.

The most dangerous bear is the black bear. There were reports in the past wherein black bears were the attacker. From all the reports, the cause of the attacks was when the human cause the bear to be surprised.

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