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They're still legal tender, yes.

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Q: Are half dollar coins still accepted as a form of payment?
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Are dollar coins still accepted?

Dollar coins are still accepted and are even given out as change. I went to a museum and they gave me back dollar coins as change.MoreThe word "still" isn't really applicable here. $1 coins are in regular production, with many millions being made every year. They're accepted by many vending machines, supermarket self-serve registers, and by transit systems. In parts of the country with highly automated transport systems (e.g. Washington DC) the coins are in common use because they're given as change.The only problems are that poorly-trained clerks may not always recognize the coins, and there is a persistent but FALSE urban myth that the coins contain gold; in reality they're made of about a dime's worth of brass.

Are 2005 coins Turkish Lira still accepted in Turkey?


How much is a 1979 dollar coins?

It's still worth one dollar.

Are gold dollar coins still being made?

Yes. They are called bullion coins.

John adams one dollar coin value?

These coins are still in circulation and still worth one dollar.

Who is the president on the half dollar coin in 2010?

Kennedy is still on the half dollar coins.

What is the greatest amount of coins you can have and still not have any combination of coins that equals a dollar?

You can have 99 pennies.

What is the worth of James K. Polk 1845-1849 1 dollar?

These coins are still in circulation and are still worth one-dollar.

How much are 1989 canadian dollar coins worth?

Still worth one dollar each in Canada.

What is the value of a 1776 1976 US silver dollar with bell?

Circulated bicentennial dollar coins are still only worth one dollar.

Are gold one dollar coins still made?

No! The last gold US one dollar coin was made in 1889.

Are Sacajawea dollars still accepted in Illinois?

The word "still" isn't applicable to this question. The coins have been minted every year since 2000 and are legal tender anywhere in the US. The same applies to the Presidential Dollar series that started in 2007.

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