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Are halogens the basis of all fossil fuels?

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Halogens are not the basis of all fossil fuels. Carbon is the basis of fossil fuels and it is not a halogen.

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Halogens are the basis of all fossil fuels?


Are halogens the basis for all fossil fuels?

No. The halogens are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.

Are halogen the basis of all fossil fuels?


Why are some fossil fuels fossil fuels?

All fossil fuels are fossil fuels.

Are all the fuels fossil fuels?

No Solar and wind power are both not fossil fuels.

Are all fuels fossil fuels?


What is all fossil fuels made of?

mostly all fossil fuels are made of gas and oil

Is all electricity made from fossil fuels?

no electricity is made from fossil fuels.

What Fossil fuels are part of which cycle?

All fossil fuels are part of the carbon cycle.

Are fossil fuels at all a result of fossil?

uhmm.... no.

Are all fossil fuels liquid?

No. Mineral coal and natural gas are also fossil fuels.

Why is it necessary to find alternatives to fossil fuels?

It is important because one day we all will run out of these fossil fuels & if we run out of these fossil fuels our lives will be paused.

What are all the fossil fuels?

fossil fuels are just burnable items that produce gas that can power a car

Are all fossil fuels non-renewable?

Yes, ALL fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc) are non-renewable.

Is there a car that runs on only fossil fuels?

Gasoline and ordinary diesel fuel are both fossil fuels, so almost all cars run only on fossil fuels.

Are fossil fuels used to produce energy?

All fuels by definition are used to produce energy, fossil fuels are no exception. (Shorter answer: Yes.)

What are the fossil fuels that do not cause pollution?

There isn't any fossill fuels that don't cause pollution. All fossil fuels cause pollution.

What are the fossil fuels of nonrenewable sources?

The fossil fuels, all of which are non-renewable, are petroleum, coal, and natural gas.

Do ecnomical cars use fossil fuels?

All cars use fossil fuels somewhere in their energy cycle.

Which fossil fuels are used in Australia?

Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are all used in Australia.

What fossil fuels are not renewable?

All fossil fuel are non renewable.

What are all the known fossil fuels?

The known fossil fuels are coal, petroleum, natural gas, lignite, bitumen and peat

How are biomass fuels and fossil fuels alike?

All the chemical changes are the same.

Is an environmental consequence of the use of fossil fuels?

The burning of fossil fuels has detrimental effects on human health and the environment. Smog, pollution, and dirty fuel are all lasting attributes of burning fossil fuels.

How can fossil fuels be used as an energy source?

fossil fuels can be used as an energy source to power all vehicles and most machinery

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