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No, only if they are not used to you. Once you bond, he will be a lot less scared.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-24 01:53:24
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Q: Are hamsters always scared
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Why do dwarf hamsters squeal?

all hamsters squeal if they r scared.

If a hamster has babies can it die?

Yes, the hamster can die. Hamsters do not always die when giving birth, however, so don't be too scared! Hamsters breed to continue the hamster society. There is about a 50% chance they will not survive.

What do hamsters do if stressed?

they bite and we get scared

Do hamsters fart when their scared?

no they sit and clean themselves

Are hamsters scared of dogs?

I doubt that. Well i think that they wont be scared at all.

Are hamsters scared in the dark?

It is unknown whether hamsters are afraid of the dark. However it is possible that some of them are.

Do hamsters get sick if they're scared?

no not likely

Why do hamsters squeal?

It means that they are either in pain or scared.

Do hamsters grunt?

No, but they may squeak when angry or scared.

Why do hamsters eyes bulge sometimes?

because they are scared.

Why do hamsters ekk?

they are either do is cause they are scared or harmed

Can you ship hamsters?

its possible but the hamster might get scared

What causes hamsters to squeek?

When they are fighting, surprised, playing with other hamsters, when they get hurt, when they get scared and sometimes when they give birth.

What is the funniest animal ever?

hamsters,You can always help hamsters.

How can you tell a teddy bear hamsters age?

Younger hamsters are quick and scared. Older hamsters may start to have scruffy hair, and they may lose some hair.

Why do hamsters queek?

They queek coz they are scared, lonely or frightend

Why did your hamster scream?

It may have been scared nervous or maybe even felt threatened. So leave it be for a while and it should be fine. Just remember, ALWAYS be careful around hamsters!Hope I helped! (:

Is hamster urine deadly to humans?

No you have nothing to worry about. Hamsters only do that because their scared. My hamsters did that a lot :D hoped this helped.

Do Syrian hamsters bite much?

bot unless they are bored or scared

Do hamsters squeak?

Yes, sometimes they squeak because they are scared or angry.

Why are your hamsters eyes so huge?

because when they are scared there eyes get big

Does hamsters make a squeak noise?

because they are scared

Do Chinese dwarf hamsters vibrate?

Yes they can be excited scared or frightened

Why do male hamsters pee everywhere?

Because male hamsters are territorial. They will often pee or poo when they are scared. LOL REARLY?

Are hamsters ugly?

Unless when born, Hamsters are always cute.