Are heart PVC's dangerous

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Well yes and no. In a healthy person with a healthy cardio work IE... EKG, Echocardio, and stress test the answer is no. If you have an unhealthy heart IE..Heart disease, previous heart attack than they can be considered dangerous.

What most people dont know is that over 40% of the population of the world has pvc's whether they know it or not!!

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Q: Are heart PVC's dangerous
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Are PVCs Dangerous?

not unless they have jagged edges, or are just laying around.

Are premature ventricular contractions dangerous?

PVCs are rarely dangerous. Almost everyone has them from time to time. They can be caused by stress, infection, or overuse of caffiene or other stimulants. PVCs may also be an early warning of other problems such as a thyroid disorder or heart disease. Something to try to be aware of is if the PVCs are perfusing or nonperusing, that is do you have a pulse with these irregular beats? As long as the beats are perfusing there is no risk of your blood pressure being lowered by these missed or irregular beats.

When was PVCS created?

PVCS was created in 1985.

How do you determine an aberrant heart beat?

aberrant beats are those that are not pvcs but are usually wide and much different than the regular rhythm

Can having an experience that gets your heart racing after a shock cause you to go into long term PVCs?

Watch TJPD videos on youtube to see

Is a heart trace dangerous?

yes a heart check is dangerous

On which diagnostic test would PVCs be found?


What does arrhythmia mean?

A condition in which the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal rhythm. Could be PVCs (Premature Ventricular Contractions), slow heart rate (<60 bpm = bradycardia), fast heart rate (>100 bpm = tachycardia), atrial fibrillation, and more

How dangerous are heart attacks?

Very dangerous!

You are 26 with a heart rate of 50 is that dangerous?

Would that be resting heart rate? If that is the case, no is not dangerous

When was Young Dangerous Heart created?

Young Dangerous Heart was created on 2005-02-22.

What is the meaning of the term PVCS?

Hello, I see you are asking "What are the symptoms for premature ventricular contractions (pvcs)?" Symptoms Fluttering. Pounding or jumping. Skipped beats or missed beats. Increased awareness of the heartbeat. For more information, you can visit this URL - heartandstrokehealth. com/condition/premature-ventricular-contractions-%28pvcs%29/c/31754

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