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It's not necessarily true that homeschooled kids are less out going. I'm a 16 year old homeschooled student and I take classes at a community college near where I live. There are a lot of other kids there my age and when we are together we are outgoing, were not insecure and we really aren't all that quiet. If homeschooled kids are in activities and around their friends they aren't going to be insecure and stick to themselves and not be outgoing. Hope I helped!

My husband and all of his sisters were homeschooled.My husband was homeschooled until the eleventh grade and is very out going!I on the other hand went to public school all my life,and hated every minute of it.I've never been very outgoing,but my husband and his family have tought me how to enjoy life ,Iwish I would have had half the experiances in school that they did ...the difference between our familys is like night and day.His whole family is very close net...the love there is like no other I have ever seen.My husband comunicates better with people thanmost of the people I know..We are now homeschooling our own four children and although I some times feel as if I will go insane I would'NT change it for the world!!!My kids are very outgoing and have absolutly no problem getting along with others..Our oldest two went to public school for a while and now that we have them home,they get along alot better together,and they still have friends in the nighborhood.I just feel that homeschooling has brought our family closer not only to each other but to God as well,what could be more important? I'm not saying public schools are bad,I just personaly feel that having your children at home is were God would would want them to be,and that's just my prefrence.

Different kids means different personalities. In school, I was shy, quiet, not out there, but not an outcast either.

In homeschooling, I'm still quiet, shy, not in but not out of the group.

That's just the way I am. If a child is not outgoing, it's not because they're homeschooled, it's just they way they prefer to be.

With the post above me about how your family was brought together more, I totally agree.

Me and my brother used to fight, a lot. When I first started homeschooling we still did, but it wound down some. In the last 2 1/2 years I've spent at home, we have grown pretty close. I can go in his room, sit down, bother him, and we just end up laughing and talking for 1-2 hours or more. We talk about whatever. The most random things and sometimes things that we wouldn't tell others. It's great. I owe it all to being home away from school. My relationship with my family has really grown.

Heavens, no! I am 13 and homeschooled and I am one of the most outgoing in all my friends. Most of my homeschooled friends are very outgoing. My regular schooled friends are outgoing, but to me it always seems like the are doing something because they want to rebel, or get away. I am out going because I am allowed to be, not told to be a certain way by a teacher.

It depends on the person, silly. That's like asking "Are girls more outgoing than boys?" It all depends on the person and their personalities and attitudes. I'm homeschooled along with my older sister. I'm 15 and VERY outgoing but my 17 year old sister is very quiet. It doesnt matter if they're homeschooled or not.

I'm homeschooled and so is my sister, I'm shy and my sister is outgoing. So it all depends on the person

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Q: Are homeschooled kids less outgoing?
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