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No, honey bees are not the only bees that make honey. The bees in question (Apis spp) just happen to be the most famous of the world's natural honey-makers. Other apian examples include bumble and stingless bees.

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Q: Are honey bees the only bees that make honey?
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Do honey bees make hives in the ground?

honey bees only make hives in trees and I see bees in the eves of the roof. honey bees only make hives in trees and I see bees in the eves of the roof.

What bees do not make honey?

Honey bees make honey. They live in colonies and store the honey to feed the larvae. Most solitary bees, such as bumble bees, make only a little of a honey-like substance which they eat themselves.

Do any bees make honey other than honey bees?

Most bees make honey to feed themselves but only honey bees produce enough honey for a beekeeper to remove some of it in any great quantity.

What bees make the sweetest honey?

Only honey bees make honey and its taste will depend on the type of flowers, shrubs, trees or other vegetation that the bees have been foraging on.

How many bees make honey that is eaten by humans?

We only collect honey from honey bees, and there are seven species of honey bee worldwide.

Does honey only come's from bees?

Honey only comes from honey bees (Apis Mellifera), not from any other type of bees.

When was Bees Make Honey created?

Bees Make Honey was created in 1971.

Why do bees make honey in hot countries?

Bees make honey in ALL countries.

How do bees make royal honey?

Bees make royal honey by cross pollination.

Can sugar be made from honey?

You cannot make honey from table sugar. Pure honey can only be produced by bees. Some artificial honey can be made using 10 cups of sugar, 50 clover blossoms and 2 cups of orange blossoms.

What do bees and stores have to do with honey?

Bees make the honey, and stores sell it.

Are honey bees made out of honey?

They are called honey bees because they collect nectar to make honey.