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Why yes, but humans look nothing like horses. Horses get the same sicknesses as humans do and they can get Arthritis.

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Q: Are horses and people a like in any ways?
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This depends, horses are creatures like humans in some ways so the horse can wake up at any time it wants.

How many people like horse racing in the world?

there are so many people who like horses. i am someone who also loves horses and i found that in doing a serve at my school 200 kids out of 1000 like horses, so i estimate that 20% out of every 100 people like horses Overall, horse racing is watched by more people than any other sport in the world.

Why do people like horses?

That is kind of like saying why do people like dogs or cats, or any other animal you can think of. But horses are really good natured animals (when trained correctly) who are brilliant friends and good company.

What was transport like at 1066?

People travelled in horses there was hardly any roads, and people who mostly travelled were merchents and they travelled overseas.

Are horses territorial?

Horses can become territorial just like any other animal.

Are there any horses people are not allergic too?

Bakshir Curly horses are supposed to be hypo allergenic.

Can horses eat turnips?

Yes. Horses can eat turnips. Some horses like them and some don't. Just like any other food, give sparingly.

Why are horses going extinct?

I don't think that horses will be going extinct any time soon. They are valuable almost beyond measure in many ways. They are carefully bred and they are highly prized loved and cared for by countless people throughout the world.

What are horses other enemies?

In the wild, cougars, wolves, and even small animals can be enemies. Some horses don't like people. Horses will also spook if they see a brightly colored object, or any object for that matter, if they are not used to seeing it.

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knights rode horses like any other person would ride a horse

Are there any Collages for eqine veterinarian in Utah?

No. Veterinarians are people, not horses.

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yep! horses

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