Are humans made by apes

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Are humans made by apes
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Was the apes the first thing that made the humans appear?

no. humans used to be their own type of primate. We evolved into humans, but we never started as apes.

Did humans really come from apes?

No our ancestors did not come from apes, but humans and apes have a common ancestor, then at that point it split into two branches which are the apes and humans.

What do humans and apes have in common?

Humans and apes are both mammals.

How come humans weren't made animals and animals weren't made humans?

We were made as animals one because we were like apes because they say apes are smarter than humans so the first person ever born was first made or created by god or himself

What life form came first humans or apes?

Humans evolved from apes. So Apes came first.

Are apes and humans classified as hominids?

Yes, apes and humans are in the family "Hominids."

How long did it take for humans to mutate from apes?

It didn't. Humans never WERE apes.

Are you an ape?

We are all apes and we are closely related to the other apes.

If humans evolved from apes then why are the apes not humans?

Some apes *are* humans - notably all humans, since they are descended from apes. But evolution is not a ladder: it is a branching tree. While some apes evolved to become humans, other lineages of ape went in other directions, and became chimps, bonobos, gorillas, and so on.

What is the classification of apes?

apes and humans are classified as hominids

How are apes like humans?

apes are like humans because they are intelligent creatures and they are meant to be are ancestors and humans are cool

Did humans used to be apes?

No. Humans and other apes had a common ancestor millions of years ago.