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no humans are not related to memaids

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No. Humans cannot become mermaids. Mermaids are purely fictional creatures.

Mermaids don't eat humans; they can't. Humans are real, mermaids are not.

No. Mermaids do not exist

yes we are and we are mermaids too

Mermaids do not exist therefore are not related to any real creature.

No. Mermaids do not exist and you cannot change into another species.

Nowhere. Mermaids are entirely fictional creatures

because mermaids really want humans i mean they want to marry humans some mermaids they it humans some if they can see beautiful lady she will kill her because mermaids wants that they are the most beautiful at all and the are so very jealousy Mermaids prefer their meat rum-flavoured.

Mermaids are famed for causing ship-wrecks and eating sailors.

We do not know because mermaids are not real. They are just mythical creatures.

Humans can not change into mermaids. Mermaids are from myth and legend and do not exist.

Of course not. Mermaids are not real. They are fictional, the same as Superman and vampires.

Afraid not...Mermaids dont exist and humans cant breathe underwater.

Mermaids do not exist and humans can not change into mermaids. It is all make believe and from stories and myth.

Mermaids and fairies are very different. One,fairies have wings mermaids have tails. Second of all, mermaids swim and fairies fly. Third,fairies are small mermaids are as big as humans.

No. Mermaids do not exist and are not real. Humans can not change into mermaids. Mermaids are made up and are only in stories, books, movies, and games.

No. Humans can not become mermaids and mermaids do not exist. They are only from myth and legends.

Yes they do, especially raw.

No. Mermaids do not exist and are only in myth and legend. Humans can not change into other things or mermaids.

Well, mermaids are half humans and the author is most likely human. So, the human part is the same.

No, mermaids are not related to fairies in any way..... At least according to legend. No, mermaids are not fairies, but each are very aware of each other.

Mermaids are mad at humans because there home, Atlantis (the lost city of Atlantis) was destroyed. Although they are mad at us, they will not hurt us unless for defense. Mermaids are very shy, beautiful creatures that live the oceans and seas.

Yep. Maybe smarter than humans.

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