Are ice cubes water in liquid state?


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Ice cubes are solid water.

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No. Liquid water is more dense. This is why ice cubes float on liquid water.

Transformatiom from liquid water to solid water (ice).

Change of the state of water from a solid (ice cubes) to liquid (water).

(Liquid) water changing to ice (solid water) is indeed a change of state.

Ice cubes cool water because heat energy from the water is used to melt the ice until a state of equilibrium is reached, when all the ice has melted and the liquid has a uniform temperature.

They can;liquid to gas= evapouration(boiling water)liquid to solid=freezing(ice cubes)gas to liquid= condensation(steamy bathroom windows)solid to liquid= melting(ice cubes).

because ice cubes are made from water, they turned from liquid to a solid

yes, ice cubes glaciers and snowballs are made of ice, which is water in its solid state

Heat causes ice cubes to melt into liquid. At 0 degrees celsius, water freezes and becomes ice. When the temperature rises above 0 degrees the ice cubes begin to melt and become liquid.

Water in its solid stateWater in its solid state ice,ice cubesand others

Ice is less dense than liquid water at any temperature ... a big part of thereason that icebergs in the ocean and ice cubes in a Bloody Mary float.

The ice cube will melt faster if it was previously dunked in water. Ice cubes will melt when they are placed in liquid since water temperature is higher than that of ice.

Ice cubes are less dense than liquid water, which is why they float.

In the case of ice the water have low energy. The ice cubes will take energy from the water to get converted into liquid and thus give a cooling effect.

Yes. That's why ice cubes float in water.

ice cubes floats in the water, because it is in the liquid form

Put ice cubes in a glass of water. They will float, indicating that they are less dense than liquid water.

If ice cubes sink in a liquid, we know that the density of the liquid is less than the density of the ice. The liquid does not have the buoyancy to support the ice and cause it to float.

crushed ice have more surface area then ice cubes so crushed ice cool the liquid more quickly

The freezing of water is an example of phase change.

They don't, ice cubes float in water. Unlike most substances the solid form of water is less dense than its liquid form causing it to float.

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