Are jackals in the wolf family?

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Yes they are just like how foxes are apart of the wolf family As dos are they are all apart of the canidae Family

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Q: Are jackals in the wolf family?
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What does canidae mean in English?

It mean dog, wolf,and jackals.

What are the gray wolf's cousins?

Other wolf species, coyotes, dogs, jackals, dholes, African wild dog, and foxes to name a few. Generally, any animal that falls into the Canidea family are considered "cousins" to the wolf.

Who are the wolf's closest relatives?

The domestic dog is the closest relative of the wolf and a subspecies.

What other animals are in the same domain as the gray wolf?

Jackals, coyotes etc.

Are jackals a member of the canine family?

Yes Jackals are a member of the canine family. Widely adapted to the hottest and most deserted parts of the world.

From what genus is the wolf?

It's classification is of the Canidae which is shares with foxes, jackals, coyotes, and domestic dogs.

What is a wolfs scientific name?

The grey wolf is Canis lupus The red wolf is Canis rufus The Ethiopian wolf is Canis simensis There are about 30 other species (of various genera) in the wolf family, Family Canidae. Other members of the genus Canis include coyotes, domestic dogs, dingos and jackals.

Do jackals live in groups?

Yes, in pairs or family groups.

What is the scientific name for a jackal?

Jackals are members of the family "canidae".

What is the family of the wolf?

Canidae is the family of the wolf.

Are coyotes jackals foxes and foxes part of the dog family?


What animal family are Arctic foxes in?

The biological family Canidae is a lineage of carnivores that includes domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, dingoes, and many other extant and extinct dog-like mammals.

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