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Are job application forms allowed to ask for race?

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Q: Are job application forms allowed to ask for race?
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What is the purpose of speed and drive on Alacrity?

I do not think you are allowed to ask this question since this is for the Newbie Helper Application.

Why cant a credit application ask you for your age race sex nationality or religion?

It is prohibited by law according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Why do employers use job application forms?

Job application forms are used for essentially the same reasons that any kind of forms are used. Since there are certain questions that the employer wants to ask of all the people who apply for jobs, it saves a lot of time to have those questions appear on a form, rather than having to ask them verbally. It is also true that if someone is actually hired, the information on the application form will be useful. Employers sometimes have to send mail (such as income tax forms) to their employees, and they therefore need to have their employees mailing address. That can be obtained from the application form.

Name something that an employer is not allowed to ask about in a job interview?

Age Race Weight Religion Sexual Orientation Have Kids? Marital Status

How do you get an application for Frys Food Store?

Go to the customer service desk and ask if there hiring then ask for an application.

How do you put a application in for a job?

go to the job and ask for an application

How do you get application form?

Ask for it.

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How can you apply for a McDonalds job?

Just go there, ask for a job application, and after they give you an application, ask them if you need to hand it then, or at an interview =]

How do you get an application form?

first you go to the store or place you want the job at .. then you ask them for an application form .. ( ask if they need extra workers first if no still ask for an application) fill it out give it back to them .. then wait for a response.. c(:

Where can you get a job application for McDonald's?

you can get an application from your nearest 'workways' store or walk into McDonalds and ask for an application off them

Where do I get a passport application?

passport application: well you could always go to the actual airport to ask for an application. either that or you can ring up the passport control and ask they to send you the applications.

Is it legal for an employer to ask in a job interview How old are you?

so you have to fill up application, they always ask on application date of birth.

How do you get subway application?

You go into the store and ask for an application, or you can fill one out on their website.

Are you a allowed to ask questions?


Are you allowed to ask a question on WikiAnswers?

Yes. Everybody is allowed to ask and answer questions; that's exactly what the site is actually about.

How do you get a race sponsorship?

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Can job application ask how long you have lived at an address?

A job application can ask a number of demographic information especially if it relates to security. An application can ask how long the applicant has lived at the address. This information is needed for background checks and to determine stability.

How do you call and ask if a company is hiring?

Call and ask for HR, then ask if they are accepting application s

What will happen after sub meeting application in emirates if you are updating your application?

ask someone in the UAE

How do you find out your race?

Ask Someone In Your Family! Or You Can Go To The Doctor And Ask Them About This (They'll Give Percentages And You Can Find Out Everything That's In You Race Wise)

What to put when they ask you province in a application?


Is it legal to ask my age on a job application?


How far is mmela with my application?

Ask mmela.