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Yes it will bite its prey and they will be poisoned, because their spit is poisonous.

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it has not been discovered yet, but i wouldn't trust one till we know for sure if the are poisonous!

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Q: Are kamoto dragons poisonous
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Are there kamoto dragons alive to day?

Yes, but they have changed their name. They are now called Komodo Dragons...from the Island of Komodo.

Can a bearded dragon be poisonous?

No, bearded dragons are not poisonous.

Are sea dragons poisonous?


In Dealing With Dragons why did the dragonsbane upset Kazul?

Dragonsbane is poisonous to dragons.

Are komodo dragons poysonus?

Poisonous* Yes.

How does a kamoto?

ZDKJZckJLCXkZXvkjzxjvhZXKVhulsdhluhcvxhjfkd sdfiulsadlfshdkjfZDKJZckJLCXkZXvkjzxjvhZXKVhulsdhluhcvxhjfkd sdfiulsadlfshdkjf

Are kamoto dragons dinosaurs?

No. Despite the claims of pulp magazines about "living dinosaurs," komodos are varanids, a kind of lizard, like the gowana. Notice their sprawling posture, quite unlike the upright stance of the dinosaurs.

How do you find kamoto girls in whirle islands?

You find the Kamoto girls where you find lugia. He is at the first island closest to Olivine Town. They are on the last floor.

What is the country code and area code of Kamoto District- Kumamoto Japan?

The country code and area code of Kamoto District- Kumamoto, Japan is 81, (0)968.

Can bearded dragons eat katydids are they poisonous?

First off, you question has awful grammer. Im not sure if you are asking if the dragon is poisonous or the katydids, but I'm going to assume you are talking about the dragon. Yes, it is poisonous.

Can some dragons not breath fire?

Most dragons do breathe fire, but only aquatic dragons do not Not necessarily. Some dragons might be capable of spitting venom or injecting venom, and some may breathe poisonous gas, but not all non-aquatic dragons can breathe fire. Also, some amphibious dragons can breathe fire.

Is pine sap poisonous to bearded dragons?

Probably not poisonous, but I would classify it as harmful or irritant, like cedar. It could be dangerous if ingested. I would not use it for substrate.