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They are symmetrical in terms of the shape however the right kidney is a little smaller as it shares space with the liver, which also pushes it lower down than the left kidney

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yes kidneys are symmetrical unless you get one from another person (aka replaced)

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The body is a mix of symmetrical organs, with mirror like symmetry from Right to Left sides, and non symmetrical systems.The digestive system for instance is non symmetrical.The kidneys however are part of the genito-urinary system, which does exhibit pairing of parts, and symmetry. We all typically have two kidneys, two ovaries, two testicles.The exception to this 'rule' is when components of the system fall along the mid-line of the body, in which case only one part will exist.

The kidneys are generally not perfectly symmetrical across the backbone due to the presence of unpaired organs (liver, pylorus of the stomach, pancreas) that displaces the right kidney slightly downward.

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