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the cobras belong to the elapidae family which are a group of highly venomous snakes

when the king snakes belong to the colubridae family a non venomous group

The reason they are called king cobras is because they are the biggest of the venomous

snakes and can kill a man in minutes between 15-120 mins.

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is king cobras the king cobra

King Cobras are snakes with something on their neck that spreads when they are angry or something. They are brown snakes.

King Cobras, Boa constrictors, Thai Cobras, Corn snakes, Mamushi,

king cobras do not have teeth they have fangs, not all snakes have fangs only some

The term "cobra" may refer to any number of hooded, venomous snakes. The King Cobra is simply one of these snakes.

other cobras, milk snakes, sea snakes.

Normal cobras feed on rats, mice and other rodents. King cobras feed on snakes including cobras.

Yes. There are snakes that diet consist of other snakes. King Cobras and king snakes are two of the most common.

By hunting down other snakes. They feed on other snakes primarily

No. King Cobras eat smaller animals including snakes. They also eat animals such as rat snakes, Mangrove Snakes, sizable pythons, rats, lizards, rodents, etc.

Cleopatra was bitten in her wrist by king cobras

No. Although king cobras do east other snakes they are not particularly picky. Few snakes are.

no they eat rats and other snakes

one eyed snakes with cheese.

King Cobras eats smaller animals including snakes also such as Rat snakes,Mangrove Snakes,sizable pythons,rats,lizards,rodents etc The only predator it has is the mongoose and mankind.

The primary diet of king cobras is other snakes. King cobras commonly eat both venomous and non-venomous snakes. They also occasionally eat birds, lizards, and rodents.

King cobras are one of the largest species of snakes, and have the longest forked tongue. The king cobra does have the ability to camouflage into it's environment.

cobras do not have teeth they have FANGS. some snakes so not have fangs eg. the grass snake.

Yes. They kill other snakes and eat them.

Cobras are snakes and snakes don't have friends.

king cobras eat people and other snakes but mostly people and regular snakes eat mice

No. King cobras are very large, very venomous snakes. Their venom is very dangerous to humans.

Nope - there are approximately 400 species of venomoussnakes !

No. King cobras only eat other snakes, not dogs.

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