Are knee high socks cool

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sure if your a soccer fairy

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Q: Are knee high socks cool
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How high do you wear knee high socks?

ether knee height, or a tad lower or a tad higher, mostly knee height since there "knee socks"

What is the difference between girls stockings and girls knee high socks?

practically speaking , its the same thing as long as the socks reaches at least the knee. if its lower than the knee its called a high socks

Do you wear knee high socks in softball?

You do not.

What is knee high socks for?

Knee highs keep your feet to knees warm during running or sports. Baseball players often wear knee high socks.

Where can you find gray knee high socks?


Where can you get knee highsWhat store can i find knee highs?

You can find a variety of knee high socks at Delias.

What kind of outfits do you where with knee high socks?

Sports clothes :)

Clothing with starting with the letter k?

Kilt, knee high (pantyhose), knee high socks, knitted scarf, kimono

Depends on the colour if you have white with black stripes then yes but only were them with black shorts. Should boys wear knee high socks?

Knee high socks look better with pants, shorts look better with ankle socks. Girls pull off knee high socks very good yes, but not with shorts, they usually wear them with a skirt.

What to wear with knee high converse?

shorts and a nice tee shirt and high socks

Does soccer players wear knee high socks?

Yes! All players need to wear their socks to go over their shinpads which pushes the height of the socks up to around the knee. Some players even wear extra long socks to cover the knee.

Where can you buy knee high socks?

pretty much anywhere that sells socks, zellers, target, walmart ect.

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