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Why would you even ask that question? No!

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Are sea horses related to horses?

Sea Horses are not related to horses but they are called sea horses, one because they live in the sea and two because their heads look like miniature horses heads.

Are koalas related to humans?

No. Koalas are not related to humans.

What sea animals are related to sea horses?

seals and sea lions. I think manatees too

What animals are related to a seahorse?

Pipe fish and sea dragons are the closest relatives to sea horses.

Are koalas related to kangaroos and why?

Koalas are not really related to kangaroos. Koalas and kangaroos are both marsupials, and they are both members of the order Diprotodontia. This is the closest way in which they are related.

How are koalas related to kangaroos?

Koalas and kangaroos are not closely related. They are both marsupials, and they are both members of the order Diprotodontia. This is the closest way in which they are related.

What is a sea horses habitat?

a sea horses habitat is under the sea in the sea weed

What name is sometimes given to Carmargue horses?

Horses of the sea, or sea horses.

What are the sizes of sea horses?

what are the sizes of sea horses

Are koalas related to the panda?

Koalas (marsupial mammals) are not related to the Giant Panda or to the Red Panda (both are placental mammals).

Can sea horses livel in an aquarium with other sea horses?

Yes. It depends on if they are fighting sea horses, or if they are calm.

Are sea horses endangered?

Yes, sea horses are endangered

Do sea horses breed?

Uh, if they didn't breed, how are they supposed to have more sea horses? Yes, sea horses breed.

What can harm sea horses?

Sea horses can mostly be harmed by Crabs and Tuna fish witch both eat sea horses

Are sealions predators to koalas?

No. Apart from the fact that sea lions prefer a diet of fish, they are not usually found where koalas live. In areas where koalas' coastal habitat might overlap with the sea lions' shore habitat, koalas do not venture down to the beach. And, to date, sea lions have not yet found a way to climb eucalyptus trees.

Are seahorses and normal horses the same?

no sea horses and normal horses are completely different. sea horses get there name because they are sea creatures that somewhat look like actual horses that you ride

What do sea horses eat?

Sea horses eat little shrimp

How small are sea horses?

The largest species of sea horses are about 13cm

Who was ruler of horses and the sea?

The god Neptune was the ruler of horses and the sea.

What are koalas bears related to all of them?

Koalas are not bears. They are not even remotely related to bears of any species (including pandas). Bears are placental mammals, while koalas are marsupials. There are no native bears in Australia.

Can you find koalas in Alaska?

No. Koalas, which are not related to bears, are marsupials which are native to Australia alone. Koalas could not survive the cold climate of Alaska.

Are pandas bears or koalas?

Pandas are members of the bear family. They are not even remotely related to koalas, as pandas are placental mammals and koalas are marsupials.

Do sea horses belong to the same family as horses?

No they are not from the same family, sea horses are a special kind of fish, horses are mammals.

What aren't koalas related to bears?

because koalas are marsupials and bears are mammals Marsupials are mammals too..But in no way related to the bear family (Ursidae)

Are horses related to dogs?

Horses are in no way related to dogs

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