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ASOLUTELY. If you're not in a job where you're easily terminated, harassed, or underpaid, then be thankful. THERE ARE JOBS THAT REQUIRE UNION REPRESENTATION IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN MINIMUM WORK STANDARDS. It shouldn't be necessary, but until there are laws that better protect workers from unfairness and mistreatment, unions are necessary and influential for their constituents..

AnswerIn some states/industries labor unions are still relevant,however as more and more states adopt the "Right to Work" laws ( which gives every American the right to work for a living without being compelled to belong to a union as a condition of their employment) the Labor Unions are becoming more and more irrelevant...

In many of these states the power of the Unions has been stripped away,Much of a Labor Unions power was in its ability to go on strike and stop/reduce the company's ability to make production,therefor reducing profits,But when a company in one of these right to work states has a labor union with union employees but also has employees who opted out of joining the union the power to strike and slow or stop production in order for the union to force the company into an agreement is greatly reduced.

A Labor Unions power is even more reduced in these "Right to work" states because the company can still hire and fill positions during a strike..

Labor Unions are also becoming more irrelevant because of the ever rising cost of the Unions demands on the employers,High union wages/benefits can in turn cause higher prices that are past on to the consumer and/or Lower profits for the employer or even be the cause of outsourcing to other countries for lower wage requirements.

The effects of the ever rising demands of Labor Unions can be seen in the American auto industry when prices on American made vehicles are almost twice as high as the imports,leading many more Americans to buy the cheaper vehicles resulting in near crash of the American auto industry..

When a union worker gets $22 per hour,90% company paid healthcare,12 paid holidays per year,10 paid personal days per year,8 paid sick days per year, company pension with paid healthcare after 25/30 years employment and all this employee does for 8 hours a day is put 2 screws in a cars interior door handle or uses a machine to set in a car battery or puts 2 gallons of gas into the car its easy to see why employers are outsourcing American jobs to china and Mexico,and why so many Americans are truning against Unions..

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Q: Are labor unions still relevant
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