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Q: Are land regions the same thing as regions Bulgaria?
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Is land mass and land area the same thing?


Does Bulgaria have states?

Bulgaria is divided into provinces, which are the same as states.

What covers the central regions of several continents?

grasslands -i was looking up the same thing!

How are capitals of production and land considered the same thing?

factors of production

What does ciara mean in spanish?

in spanish it means land but it is spelled sierra but it means the same thing

What is a half-desert?

There is no such thing as half-desert. There are semi-desert regions and semi-arid regions which are the same thing. They are regions that resemble the desert in some respects but receive more rainfall than the desert. These regions would average more than 10 inches (250 mm) of precipitation per year.

Is a frog the same as a land frog?

Yes, because a frog lives both on land, and in water. So they are the same thing, but a "land frog" is probably just a frog that you catch roaming the land.

Is farming the same thing as agriculture?

Sort of, they are basically the same thing as they are both to do with breeding animals, harvesting crops, cultivating land etc.

Are land and Geography the same thing?

Geography includes the climate, landmarks, population etc of a place while land is just land

How capital and land considered the same thing?

Capital is anything that has value. Land is capital, but capital doesn't have to be land. Capital can also be money.

What is bigger the Arctic or Antarctica?

Antarctica is bigger than the Arctic in terms of land mass, because Antarctica is a continent and the Arctic is essentially sea ice that borders land masses. The areas or regions are both polar and are basically the same size -- as regions..

How many MEP's does Bulgaria have?

Bulgaria in total 18 seats after 2009 election (same number like Austria)

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