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Are lasers real if so say Shoop the whoop?


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I think its called Shoop-Da-Whoop or something like that. I am pretty sure.It is Shoot-da-whoop, before they fire the laser they say "Imma firin' ma lazer" *shoots*

1 charge your lazor 2 say imma firin mah lazzooorrr 3 BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Because they are the S**T

In the following order, you:- # Charge yah lazar. # Say The following words in a deep growling voice "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAAAAA!!!!" # Open Your mouth. # Say "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" And a MASSIVE LAZAR should annhialate anything in your path! # Enjoy the feeling of killing those you hate. # Have lulz

the plural of laser is lasers. for example I have many lasers. you don't say I have many laser.

You should obedience them and talk too them and whoop them with a belt

be really mean to them and say what are you going to do about it wedgie me

Dr Octagonapus is a YouTube character used in random, mindlessly violent but humorous animated episodes. He is loosely copied from the Marvel character "Doctor Octopus" (Amazing Spider-Man comic). He uses the "shoop da whoop" effect, which is merely opening your mouth to emit a powerful laser blast that annihilates other characters.---------Dr. Octagonapus is a random event, who appears in the sky and uses a unique "shoop da whoop" to cause instant death. He will say "Dr. Octagonapus, blaaargh!" At which point you are vaporized. He is thought to have once been a kinder person, and some think that he originally taught people to "shoop da whoop". Dr. Octagonapus's lazer is not the Lazer we know of, but he "lazorz" all over the unlucky citizen's face with destructive results. An unfortunate fate befalls those with the misfortune to meetthis awful source of manlyhood.Dr. Octagonapus also happens to have a son named Randal Octagonapus who is a rookie detective. He appears in several later videos.For the sake of legitimacy, it should be noted that the creator of Dr. Octogonapus was Dominic Fera, known on Youtube as DominicFear.

no, but some people say yes. ask a vet

Its a cats instinct to hunt, and seeing as how the only color cats can see clearly is red, cats are naturally drawn to lasers. and they can say hi from it

Scientists say they have trggered early stages of lightning by shooting lasers into clouds over New Mexico. The apparent breakthrough brings the decades-old goal of causing lightning with lasers closer, according to a new study.

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