Are leprechauns mean

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Sometimes. They don't like to be bothered, so they probably will be if you bother them, but as long as they are left alone they are, well, leprechauns.

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Q: Are leprechauns mean
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Related questions

Are all leprechauns small and cranky?

Leprechauns are very nice but if you are mean to them and tease them about their size they will get cranky.

Why are leprechauns a sign of StPatrick's day?

St. Patrick's day is a Irish holiday and leprechauns are Irish. I mean I think that's why.

What do girl leprechauns do?

guy leprechauns

Do leprechauns have magic?

Leprechauns have magic, but leprechauns aren't real (As far as we know...)

Can leprechauns be found in Colorado?

No. Leprechauns do not exist.

Are there leprechauns in Wisconsin?

There are no leprechauns except in stories.

Do leprechauns have money?

Leprechauns are fictional characters.

How heavy are leprechauns?

Leprechauns are 1 pound!!!

Are leprechauns obese?

There are no such things as leprechauns.

Where do leprechauns come from?

Leprechauns are from Irish folklore.

Are leprechauns from Ireland or Scotland?

Leprechauns are from Ireland.

How can a human keep the leprechauns gold?

A human can keep the leprechauns gold if they answer the leprechauns three riddles.

How would you describe leprechauns as friendly or mean?

friendly, cas i say so

What does stepping on leprechauns mean?

it may take a while to clean the bottom of your shoe.

Why do leprechauns like shiny things?

Shiny things remind leprechauns of gold according to reality, there are no leprechauns.

Are there female leprechauns?

yes there are female leprechauns

Are leprechauns nice?

In the stories, leprechauns were tricky people.

Do leprechauns like rocks?

Leprechauns arent real.......

What do leprechauns carry with them?

Leprechauns carry pots of gold with them.

Are leprechauns carnivores or herbivores?

Neither, leprechauns are omnivores.

What time do leprechauns Come?

They do not. Leprechauns are fantasy creatures

Where do they leprechauns live?

Where do they leprechauns live?ANSWER: Leprechauns are thought to be living in old ringforts, which possesslarge underground passages.

Do leprechauns protect their gold?

In the stories, leprechauns protect their gold. However leprechauns are just in folk tales, they are not real.

What is the fear of leprechauns?

There is no officially recognized term for the fear of leprechauns.

When do the leprechauns go back to Ireland?

Leprechauns live in Ireland.